Three Questions for Redfish Anglers

Prior to the start of the Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup Championship, we asked several of the teams these three questions:
How has the impending storm affected your game plan for this event?
How far do you plan on running today?
What is your best guess at the weight it will take to lead after today?

Their answers:

Jim Franklin and Brian Fornea
Game plan? "The weather has affected us a lot. We were planning on running 180 miles each way and the wind is just not going to let us do it."
Distance? "We're going to go about 70 miles each way."
Weight? "We feel like if we come in with any less than 15 pounds, we'll be disappointed."

Craig Johnson and John Ochs
Game plan? "Not at all! "
Distance? "About 50 something miles."
Weight? "14 pounds at least... But history tells us it has always been about 12."

Anthony Randazzo and Billy Wallbaum
Game plan? "We don't know yet... We're just going and we'll figure it out when we get out there."
Distance? "About 100 miles — one way."
Weight? "I think you'll see some teams weigh in 13 pounds."

Cajun Phil and Kevin Broussard
Game plan? "We decided to stay close and not make the long run, where we were on some fish. So we went from trying to win to trying to place."
Distance? "Not far... About 10 miles, as compared to the 80 we were planning on."
Weight? "Somebody should catch 12 pounds plus, but you're probably going to see a lot of 8 to 10 pounds weighing in."

Ken Chambers and John Merriwether
Game plan? "Not at all."
Distance? "Not far at all."
Weight? "12-plus pounds."

Keith and John Hartsell
Game plan? "It hasn't... You can drink cokes and eat sandwiches under any bridge."
Distance? "Probably about 15, 20 miles."
Weight? "13 pounds."

Tommy Ramzinsky and Todd Adams
Game plan? "It's going to make it more difficult, but we're not changing our plan."
Distance? "100 miles each way."
Weight? "Hard to predict, really. A lot depends on what happens with the weather. I'd guess about 13 1/2 pounds."

Andrew Bostick and Mark Sepe
Game plan? "It hasn't, it's just going to make our plan more difficult. And it forced us to bring an extension for our boat (an eight foot ladder, purchased yesterday to help them spot fish)."
Distance? "110 miles."
Weight? "Definitely could be 14 1/2pounds, but with the weather, I'd say 13 1/2 is a good guess."

Scott Guthrie and Rick Murphy
Game plan? "It hasn't affected our game plan at all."

Distance? "100 miles one way, two gas stops."
Weight? "It could be about 13 pounds, depending on the weather."

Chief Tauzin and Clark Jordan
Game plan? "We're going to have to do a lot more blindcasting."
Distance? "About 100 miles."
Weight? "Probably 14 pounds."

Charlie Thomason and Shane Pescay
Game plan? "The weather is keeping us close and we're staying in protected waters."
Distance? "We're only going about 15 miles away."
Weight? "I think 11 1/2 will be high today." (Pescay); "What? I'm saying 14 at least." (Thomason)

Travis and Bryan Holeman
Game plan? "We planned for this weather, so it hasn't affected our game plan at all."
Distance? "We can see where we're going from here."
Weight? "I'd guess 13 1/2 today, and 21 to get you in the show on Sunday."

Mike Friday and Danny Latham
Game plan? "Considering we only had one game plan to begin with, we haven't changed it much at all."

Distance? "We'll go about 105 miles away."
Weight? "Our best guess would be between 11 and 12 pounds."

Bryan and Greg Watts
Game plan? "None."
Distance? "A long way."
Weight? "15.3 pounds."