Pick 'em

  • Editor's note: The only place to see ESPN2 highlights from the Open Championship this weekend is on "BassCenter".

    Bassmaster.com asked a sampling of anglers to pick the competitors they think will finish in the top five of the Open Championship. The following are the anglers' picks and why they think these particular anglers have an advantage over the rest.

    Jay Kendrick (qualified in 24th through the Southern Opens)
    • Takahiro Omori — He's got a lot on the line with trying to make it to the Classic. He has a history here and has caught big stringers on this river.
    • Eric Netherly — He was on a good roll in the Opens. He was the points leader up until Toho and he has experience on this river.
    • Me — I had a good practice and I grew up on the Coosa River.

    Terry Scroggins (qualified in 1st through the Southern Opens)
    • Gary Klein — He has the experience and the credentials; he does well in tough tournaments.
    • Takahiro Omori — I just have confidence in the man.
    • Pete Ponds — I thin he's on 'em.

    Jason Quinn (qualified in 10th through the Southern Opens)
    • Guy Eaker — Likes to throw a small crankbait.
    • Terry Scroggins — He's on a roll and has the confidence to win.
    • Me — I feel good about my practice.

    Keith Philips (qualified in 7th through the Southern Opens)
    • Mark Menendez — He's got confidence.
    • Randy Howell — He's a good spot fisherman and he likes shallow crankbaits.
    • Jason Quinn — He likes ledges and humps, where the big spots live.

    Brett Hite (qualified in 15th through the Western Opens)
    • John Murray — He's fished this water twice and he knows where they live.
    • Takahiro Omori — He's done well here in the past and he will fish for largemouth.

    John Murray (qualified in 7th through the Western Opens)
    • Zach Thompson — He's good on this type water.
    • Takahiro Omori — He caught a 22 pound sack here two years ago.
    • Ben Matsubu — Because he's Benny Matsubu.

    Mark Menendez (qualified in 13th through the Southern Opens)
    • Me — I like my chances; this is style — fishing the current.
    • Terry Scroggins — He has a lot of confidence coming into this and rivers are his deal.
    • David Wharton — Had a good E-50 here and is coming off a good Tour season.

    Paul Hirosky (qualified in 6th through the Northern Opens)
    • Frank Scalish — I think he had a good practice.

    Bill Sanders (qualified in 21st through the Northern Opens — Nonboater Division)
    • Darrin Schwenkbeck — Because I practiced with him and I know what he's on. Them.
    • Randy Howell — Because he lives upstream — literally.

    Harry Potts (BASS staff)
    • Terry Scroggins — He's on a roll.
    • Jason Quinn — He came in real quiet today.
    • Guy Eaker — He did well here in the E-50 and he's been on this river many times, including the Classic that Stanley Mitchell won on this river.

    Jimmy Reese (qualified in 8th through the Western Opens)
    • John Pollard — He's a local.
    • John Murray — He has experience here and he loves this river.
    • Me — I'll be in the Top 10.

    Gerald Crawford (BASS photographer)
    • Gary Klein — He's performed well here before and he's very versatile
    • Randy Howell — Just a hunch.
    • Terry Scroggins — He's been hot lately, but I'm not sure how well he does with spotted bass.

    Jeff Kriet (qualified in 2nd through the Central Opens)
    • Terry Scroggins — He's on a roll and he's got nothing to lose.
    • Chad Brauer — He's had a good couple of days in practice.
    • Me — I'm struggling, but I've got to think I can win, right?

    Zach Thompson (qualified in 6th through the Western Opens)
    • John Murray — He always catches fish.
    • Brett Hite — He likes to catch big spots.
    • Takahiro Omori — I saw him all over the river in practice — he's like a machine.