Top 5 forecast

Going into Sunday's competitioin, here's a look at the final five boaters and what it will take for each to make a run at winning.

1. Mike McClelland
Hometown: Bella Vista, Ark.
Three-Day Weight: 39-01
Expected weight needed to win the tournament: "I really feel like to have a legitimate chance I will need to have 10 to 12 pounds."

Appearances in the CITGO Bassmaster Classic: "I have fished in the Classic two times prior to this so this will be number three."

Best finish on Lake Toho: "I don't know if I can even tell you that. I've fished the Lake three or four times and I know I've had a couple of really dismal tournaments, but I want to say 28th."

Preparation for the Classic: "This really gives me an opportunity to get my fishing back in order, and to be honest with you I've actually had to go back to working part-time when I'm not fishing to support this habit. This should give me a little bit more funds to get serious about my fishing, and I am going to commit to fish the Southern Tour now because it just makes sense to be in Florida prior to the Classic. Just spending as much time on Florida waters as I can because they have always been my nemesis. Every tour year that I've fished, if we've gone to Florida, that is probably what's kept me from making the Classic. So I feel like I've got to do something to get myself a little more in tune with that kind of fishing."

Going to Disneyworld: "I'll be honest with you, that was one of the biggest things surrounding this tournament. I have been, but my wife and our three sons have never been and when the tour schedule came out this year you could see the light bulbs going off in my wife's eyes. She said you better get out there and fish your tail end off because I want to go to Disneyworld. And that has kind of been the topic of discussion for the past three or four weeks. She actually flew in yesterday and when she walked down on the dock she had this little smirky grin on her face and she knew I might have to catch a fish or two to still have that opportunity. She asked me 'Did you catch 'em' and I teased her and said 'I don't know,' and then she looked at me and I said 'Baby, your going to Disneyworld'."

2. Rick Morris
Hometown: Lanexa, Va.
Two-Day Weight: 36-08
Expected weight needed to win the tournament: "16 Pounds."

Appearances in the CITGO Bassmaster Classic: "Two times not including this one, '97 and '98."

Best finish on Lake Toho: "Huh, I really don't remember, probably somewhere in the 20's."

Preparation for the Classic: "I know the place pretty good. I will probably just run around and do a little practice during that period. I will be more focused on getting ready for the Elites, the Bassmaster Classic is important but it always changes down there, it's brutal sometimes. The vegetation changes majorly and the fishing holes move around, we could be into a big spawn by now. It's an exciting place to fish."

Going to Disneyworld: "My daughter is going to be with me so we probably will. We went when she was just a little girl and she is 7 1/2 now so it will be a lot of fun."

3. Chad Brauer
Hometown: Osage Beach, Mo.
Two-Day Weight: 34-15

Expected weight needed to win the tournament: "To have a chance to win I think I'm going to have to have a minimum of fifteen pounds. I'm fairly certain Mike (McClelland) will catch his ten pounds at least, but if he goes out and catches fifteen pounds no one is going to catch him."

Appearances in the CITGO Bassmaster Classic: "This will be my third time to go including this one."

Best finish on Lake Toho: "It was either fifth or sixth I can't remember, a couple of years ago."

Preparation for the Classic: "I don't know too much yet because I don't know what the practice schedule is going to look like. At least going to Florida at that time of the year, you are not going to have to pack a ton of stuff. Just a bunch of stuff to flip with and a few other assorted items."

Going to Disneyworld: "Probably not because my wife will be due with our child about the 14th of March, so she won't be going and the kids won't be going so I probably won't be going. We went last year for Christmas so we've had our share of Disneyworld."

4. Randy Howell
Hometown: Springville, Ala.
Two-Day Weight: 28-04

Expected weight needed to win the tournament: "I bet I will need at least 20 pounds to win and that may not even do it then. I don't feel like McClellan or Brauer will fall today. They are both catching large-mouths and this is one of the best large-mouth days we've had because of this warm weather and stormy day. My goal today is to try to catch a limit on the river crankin' like I've been doing, and then maybe go into a few backwaters and take a few risks and throw a buzz bait."

Appearances in the CITGO Bassmaster Classic: "This will be my sixth Classic."
Best finish on Lake Toho: "I finished in the money at Toho every time but once. My best finish was a 17th or something like that. I like Toho a lot, but I've never fished it at that time of year so I am really excited."

Preparation for the Classic: "First of all, I am going to get a shoulder MRI tomorrow in Birmingham. I wanted to cancel it because after making it all the way through the cut I am going to be wore out and it's already sore. I've got maybe a small tear is some muscle in my upper arm and it clicks and pops quite a bit. But I'm going to get a MRI and the doctors can check it while we've got a few months of non-fishing. I hope he says that we won't have to do any surgery. I'm going to try to just rehab that and get in shape, but other than that spend some time with our new baby and the family."

Going to Disneyworld: "Yea, we sure are. I hope to get a deal, I'm going to make a few calls to (Don) Rucks and see if they will hook us up and let us go to Disneyworld."

5. Mark Menendez
Hometown: Paducah, Ky.
Two-Day Weight: 27-09

Expected weight needed to win the tournament: "About 38 pounds." (sarcasm)

Appearances in the CITGO Bassmaster Classic: "This will be my fourth. Here is something interesting, four of the guys that made the Classic here this week fished their first Classic in the year 1997 at Logan Martin."

Best finish on Lake Toho: "Last week - I finished 25th."

Preparation for the Classic: "It is going to have to do a lot with becoming much more physically fit because of my illness. I've got a program that's being developed buy the orthopedic center in Huntsville that involves a real low-impact workout, a lot of stretching and walking, and some other cardiovascular stuff. I am going to spend a lot of time doing that because I am really out of shape."

Going to Disneyworld: "We have two small children, but they are too young to really get the full effect but I bet we do anyway."