WBT Angler Profile: E. Denese Freeman

WBT pro E. Denese Freeman 

Hometown: Lawton, Okla.

Age: 45

Occupation: Freelance Web Designer

High School: Hooks High School, Hooks, Texas

College: Texarkana Community College, Texarkana, Texas; Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, Ark.; Cameron University, Lawton, Okla.

Degree: Pursuing a degree in Multimedia

How Long Bass Fishing: Since 2002

How Started Bass Fishing: My sister, Linda, bought me a membership in the Women's Bass Fishing Association (WBFA) for my birthday in 2002 and made plans for me to fish with her at a Grand Lake tournament in Oklahoma. It was my first tournament experience ever and I placed 10th.

Career Dream: To qualify for the WBT Championship on the co-angler side, win the Angler of the Year points race and eventually turn pro.

Career Highlights: Making the WBT Top 6 on Lake Norman in 2006 to finish in 5th place.

Favorite Bass Water: Locally: Lake Elmer Thomas on the Wichita Wildlife Refuge in Okla.; Nationally: Lake Dardanelle in Arkansas

Big Bass: 4-0 largemouth from Lake Norman using a Texas rigged Zoom Mag II red bug worm

Favorite Fishing Technique or Style: Texas rigged plastic worm

Sponsors: Bass Anglers Network; Fishher Fishing Gear for Women; eBassFish.com

Web site: www.denesefreeman.com

I would like to thank my mom for taking me fishing as a young child. I remember many fishing trips my mom and I took together. My dad worked the swing shift as a security guard at Red River Army Depot; my mom would pack the car with snacks and fishing tackle, and we would take off in the afternoons for either Caney Lake or Elliott Lake on the Depot, depending on where my dad was on patrol so he could come by and visit us while we were fishing. Sometimes my dad would eat lunch with us — he always had a ham sandwich and a slice of apple pie. I still have my Mom's old aluminum tacklebox and her old Zebco fishing reel and pole — the line guides are held on with electrical tape.