Day On The Lake: Gary Klein

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This story picks up with Gary Klein after he has boated his first fish on a crankbait off a main-lake point on a crankbait. It is a sunny day, with a moderate breeze. Klein is fishing Lake DeGray, a 13,000-acre lake in south-central Arkansas that features deep, clear water and both shoreline and offshore grasslines.

11:20 — Klein makes a quick hop to the next point which extends way out into the alek. He is still covering water quickly with a crankbait.

11:30 — Klein has made 157 casts on the day so far and makes another short run to a near-by point and is fishing a crankbait.

11:33 — Almost immediately, he hooks up with his second fish of the day, a 1.5-pound bass that hit the crankbait while Klein was ripping the bait through some grass that was scattered across the area.

11:34 — Klein hooks another fish three casts later, but it comes off while he is reeling it in.

11:40 — With 170 casts under his belt, Klein idles a short way again to a similar-looking point on a small island in the middle of Lake DeGray.

11:43 — On cast 175, keeper number three swipes the crankbait when it pops off some grass. This fish weighs about 1 pound and is quickly tossed back into the clear water.

11:49 — Klein is getting into a rhythm of running narrow points and quickly firing the crankbait across the point, methodically working the bait along a variety of angles before moving on to the next point.

11:58 — Klein makes a quick jump to a point and continues aggressively fishing his custom-painted Rapala DT-10.

At this point, Klein returned to the ramp for a short lunch break and angler meeting before getting back out on the lake for the afternoon session.

1:00 — After the break, Klein makes a short run from the launch to a secondary point and starts throwing a crankbait.

1:15 — He has changed gears slightly and is now vertically jigging a blade bait with 250 casts in the books.

1:17 — Klein is now trying out a technique he brought from out West that involves letting the movement of the boat drag a light finesse worm through the water column about 30 feet deep.

1:25 — After no activity drifting the worm, Klein packs up and head to a bluff wall and continues fishing the finesse worm on light tackle.

1:36 — When he reaches the end of the bluff wall, Klein picks up a giant jointed swimbait and bombs the bait out into the middle of the channel. He lets it sink for almost a minute before retrieving the swimbait back to the boat with periodic snaps of his rod tip.

1:41 — Klein has switched to a jig off the bluff point and to this point has made 267 casts on the day.

1:45 — A short idle finds Klein looking on his graph for fish suspended over 50 feet of water.

1:50 — He decides to get back to what has worked so far and picks up a crankbait again.

1:51 — Klein is running and gunning points again and makes a move here without wasting any time.

2:08 — Moving in towards the shore, Klein picks up a smaller swimbait and is throwing it around the grass on the nearest point.

2:26 — He has worked back into a grassy pocket for nearly 20 minutes, fishing the smaller swimbait but then moves out when he reaches a secondary point and fires a crankbait out across it on cast 343.

2:33 — A shore run uplake finds Klein at yet another point throwing the crankbait and ripping it through the grass.

2:46 — Klein is running back towards the ramp with the time running out and decides to stop at another deep spot and starts vertically fishing a blade bait with short, sharp snaps of his rod.

2:58 — Klein makes his final cast of the day, number 382, but it proves to be futile and he heads in having boated three fish and lost two more.

"Day On The Lake" airs every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. ET on ESPN2.