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Click here to read Bobby Lane's blog about his day on Lake Monticello.

The concept behind "Day On The Lake" is to put a Bassmaster Elite Series pro on a completely unfamiliar lake and see if he can find fish in a limited amount of time.

This weekend's episode features 2008 Advance Auto Parts Bassmaster Rookie of the Year Bobby Lane of Lakeland, Fla., who find himself on 1,500-acre Lake Monticello, a clear lake in south-central Arkansas filled with submerged and standing timber and lilypads, in early fall.

Lane launched just before 8 a.m. on the far western end of the lake near the dam to a cloudless, cool morning in early fall. The water clarity was around 3-4 feet and the temperature has dropped into the low 60s following a chilly night, but would eventually warm up on this sunny, post-frontal day.

With little breeze on the water, Lane chose to run across the lake to the second-to-last cove, which featured three "fingers" and plenty of lilypad fields and standing timber.

8:00 — Lane begins his day part of the way back in a main lake creek arm throwing a black buzzbait around shallow lily pads and standing timber.

8:07 — He has the trolling motor on high and is covering water as he comes to the first secondary point in the cove. "This looks like a good creek," Lane says. "It has a lot of little arms going back."

8:12 — Lane weaves in and out of the standing timber, still throwing the buzzbait while keeping his boat in 4-6 feet of water.

8:16 — After making 38 casts, Lane gets his first professional overrun of the day and quickly gets back to fishing.

8:17 — Without a bite on a buzzbait, he decides to switch to a Devil's Horse propbait and works the edges of the lily pads in the back of the creek arm. He keeps his rod tip up and a wide bow in the line to move the bait with short twitches.

8:25 — Lane is back to the buzzbait and is setting a blistering pace having already covered 2/3 of the whole creek arm in the first half hour of fishing.

8:26 — "It's time to swim a frog out across the middle of that stuff and see if it does anything," says Lane, as he picks up a Zoom Horny Toad. "These legs have a really subtle action. It's calm out today and I think the fish want something more subtle."

8:30 — He is using braided line for his topwater baits and is especially adamant about this when fishing in a "jungle" like Lake Monticello. "I don't care if you are using the frog or a buzzbait or a slow-moving frog, if you get bit in this jungle you need to be able to get them out."

8:34 — Lane switches back to the propbait and is working his boat into the end of the creek arm, where the pads form a narrow channel.

8:36 — After 70 casts, Lane hooks up with his first keeper of the day. It weighed 1 pound and was caught on the propbait in the middle of the pad channel.

8:40 — Four casts later, he swings and misses as a bass swirls on the propbait a little further into the channel.

8:50 — "There's some brush up here and I can't resist putting a jig in it," says Lane, as he spots a few isolated bushes mixed in with the pads. He has selected a black and blue jig and Berkley Chigger Craw trailer and is pitching it around the area.

8:51 — On his 95th cast, Lane hooks up with his second keeper, about 1.5 pounds, as he started to swim his jig over one of the logs. Noting this, he switches to a swimming jig and continues to work the shoreline.

9:05 — Lane sets the hook on a fish while swimming the jig and his hookset brings the bass up to the surface where it skips twice and comes unbuttoned.

9:09 — "It's time to take off some clothes," Lane says. The sun is bright in the sky and a cooler morning has given way to warm temperatures and little wind, making for an ideal day to be on the water, but tough fishing conditions for Lane.

9:16 — Lane begins fishing the propbait around a shallow point near the outside of the creek arm he began the day in. He notices plenty of small baitfish around the point, but doesn't get a bite.

9:27 — Without another bite in the area, he pulls up the trolling motor and idles around to another creek arm.

9:33 — Lane is fishing a point littered with standing timber and isolated pads throwing a buzzbait, but doesn't seem happy with the area because he quickly starts idling to the back of the pocket.

9:46 — His idling takes him through very skinny water behind an island and into an area covered with pads, where he casts a SPRO frog and twitches it through the pads.

9:54 — Lane has pulled his jig back out and is working a stretch of standing timber. "The moon was full last week and that usually means that the bite will be best in the afternoon," says Lane, on why the fishing has been tough all morning.

10:01 — "There's a big one, a monster!" yells Lane jokingly, as he sets the hook into a stump with his jig.

10:02 — "You can start making fun of me now," says Lane, as he digs around in his rod locker for a spinning rod. "I don't know what pound test line this is and I don't care." He is throwing a green pumpkin shaky worm with a 1/8 oz. weight.

10:13 — After quickly losing interest in the spinning rod, Lane is back throwing the propbait.

10:16 — "Are there fish in this lake or do you just bring us here as a joke," Lane says. No sooner are these words out of his mouth then a bass swirls on his Devil's Horse, which he has been fishing slowly along the edge of a line of lilypads. After a short battle, his third keeper is in the boat and weighs in at 1 pound.

10:18 — Lane spots a decent-sized bass following behind his propbait, but when it boils on the bait, it misses completely and he can't intice a follow up strike.

10:39 — Lane makes a short move to an area near the first creek arm he fished in the morning and quickly has a small bass swirl on the propbait, but he comes up empty.

10:53 — "We're on 'em now," says Lane, as he lands a fish that is barely bigger than his bait. The fish came along a channel in the pads near a beaver dam.

11:16 — After fishing completely around a main-lake point, Lane begins to work deeper water with a texas-rigged worm, still fishing fast.

11:27 — "The Dead Sea, that's what this is," jokes Lane, as he pulls a buzzbait back out. "This time of year, even with bluebird skies and flat calm, you can trigger a big strike with something noisy like a buzzbait."

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Click here to read Bobby Lane's blog about his day on Lake Monticello.

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"Day On The Lake" airs every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. ET on ESPN2.