Spanish Fly tips from Jose Wejebe: Episode Six

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How to fish a "stealth rig"

A common rig to get bait to the bottom is a sinker attached to a main line that slides down to a swivel with a leader line and then the hook.

That rig is a fine concept, but according to Jose Wejebe, there are a few adjustments to make, especially in clear water, to put more fish in the boat.

"When bottom fishing a lot of times, people put their hook too close to the sinker," Wejebe said. "The way we get around that is to put a very long leader between the swivel that stops the sinker and the hook. Basically, we will thread the sinker on the main line, then tie a swivel to the main line, then we take 6-10 feet of fluorocarbon leader and tie that to the swivel, then tie the hook to the end of that."

The result is a rig, that when live bait is added to the hook, it allows an angler to get it down to the bottom quickly and also keeps the bait far from the weight to give the live bait some room to swim freely.

"This can work for any species, in that show, we were using it for mutton snappers and grouper, especially for clear water," Wejebe said. "There we were fishing 120 feet, but it varies, depending on the current and the depth of the water. The whole rig stays the same, you only change the sinker. The deeper and more current, the bigger the sinker, the shallower and less current, the smaller the sinker. Everything else will stay the same."

Fishing the rig is a relatively simple endeavor. Drop the whole contraption all the way to the bottom right next to the boat. Then, when it hits, wind the reel up one or two turns and then just sit and wait.

According to Wejebe, it is important to keep pressure on the sinker for two reasons. First, most of the places that he is fishing has some type of coral and keeping it up off the bottom lets the bait stay down in the reef where it needs to be and also keeps the weight free from tangling up in the rocks. Also, taking the slack out of the line helps detect more bites.

Wejebe offers one final tip with regard to the choice of hooks for the stealth rig.

"Match your hook to the size of your bait. If you have a big bait, use a bigger hook like a 4/0-5/0 size. If you are using a little pilchard like we were in that show, a 1/0-2/0 short-shank hook would be appropriate."

Click here to see an exclusive video from Jose about fishing the bottom of the water column.

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