'BASS Tech,' Season 2, Episode 2

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    South Carolina native Bob Sanders is an avid hunter and angler who just moved back to his home state from living in Florida making a living as a fishing guide. He's the owner of a 500 acre parcel of land that has lots of good territory for hunting and fishing and that's the start of his problem. He needs a way to get around on his property and be able to hunt in the morning and fish in the afternoon without wasting a lot of gas and making a lot of noise, and knows that the only people who can help him in his quest for ATV Transportation is the boys at BASS Tech.

    G, Brownie, and Kriet meet Bob and go over his issue, and let him know that they got in touch with Bad Boy Buggies, who sent an all terrain 4 wheel drive vehicle that looks like a camo golf cart on steroids. All battery powered and able to jump over curbs, climb up trees, and tear through the mud at an alarming rate. G and Kriet tell Brownie he likes to work too much and Brownie informs them that they play too much, and G and Kriet take that theory to test by tearing through a city park near the BASS Tech shop, doing all of the above ATV gymnastics over anything in their path. It meets their approval and they pull it into the shop to get to work.

    First off, Ables figures out a way to put an aluminum boat on the top of the ATV so that one person can handle the job by themselves. Ables rigs up a motor that will pull the boat up onto a custom rack that slides the boat into place and only takes one person to operate.

    The boys then figure that if the boat had a motor, it being upside down like the boat is would cause all the gas to drain out of the tank. So Ables and Brownie get to work installing a motor mount on the back of the Bad Boy Buggy that ends up holding his Mercury motor tightly.

    Next up, the boys, minus Chigger...who keeps listening to a walkie talkie for some reason, install a Flambeau Bazooka Pro fishing rod holder on the Bad Boy Buggy to hold all of Bob's fishing rods and other fishing gear. It's a custom Camo rod holder dipped in Realtree Hardwoods HD especially made for the terrain that Bob will be driving around in.

    Since Bob will also be hunting, we need a place for his gun, so the boys install a Kolpin Gun Boot, which is a holder for his rifle or shotgun that mounts on the side of the Bad Boy Buggy so he can gain easy access to his firearm in the offchance that he sees a deer while he creeps up silently in his all electric buggy.

    Around this time, Bob talks to Chigger and asks what he does around the shop to which Chig replies that he does maintenance and odd jobs and that he started a security business, but only has three clients so far. He shows Bob his badge.

    G shows Bob one of the final touches, which is a Lowrance iFinder Hunt C GPS which he can use to plot hunting blinds, fishing holes, where he left his cooler full of cold beverages or where he ditched his hunting buddy way on the back side of the 500 acres. Bob is impressed by this.

    They take the boat off the top and decide to make it match the camo on the Bad Boy to make it more stylish and updated looking. Brownie and Kriet pull out a cool product called Camo Clad which is a adhesive Camouflage system that goes onto any surface just like wallpaper or tape.

    They go through the tips on how to use it and apply it to the sides, back and front of the boat and pull the boat back to the top of the Bad Boy Buggy with the installed motor wench.

    G catches Chigger on his walkie talkie again as Bob is raving about how awesome his project has turned out when Chigger flashes a badge at G and tells him he's gotta go on an important call for his security company and runs outside. The rest of the boys open up the garage door to see Chigger driving off in a car eerily reminiscent of Barney Fife's patrol car from the Andy Griffith show...to which G tells Ables "We gotta have a talk about this..."

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