'BASS Tech,' Season 2, Episode 10

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    We don't know for sure, but we think that Chigger and Ables are out this week hunting the mythical Bigfoot in the forests of Washington State, but back here at the BASS Tech shop we're breaking in the new Host of BASS Tech, Mary Delgado on her first day in front of work. She explains to us that the guys are at a local bait shop hiding out amongst several hidden cameras waiting on today's guest, who has no idea he's gonna be on the show. The guest is Brandon Lee, a 17 year old Arkansan back-of-the-boat tournament angler who is a rabid fan of BASS Tech and tapes it every week to watch over and over again. He's fishing a tournament this weekend and his mom and dad have told him they want to go get some info on the lake from a bait shop pretty close to where he's gonna be fishing. That's where we come in...

    Brandon and his mom, Deanna and dad, Scott, show up at Arkansas Rod & Reel bright and early right as the shop opens and head for the counter. They ask the owner, Billy, if he knows of anything that the fish are biting out on Lake DeGray and he turns and asks to the back of the shop if anyone knows what's biting out on DeGray. Brandon's eyes light up with a mixture of shock, excitement and pure unadulterated confusion as the G-Man Gerald Swindle, Stephen "A-5 Brownie" Browning, and newest member of the crew Scott "501" Rook head out and bum-rush Brandon saying "yeah we know what's biting out on DeGray, you know who we are?!" Brandon is overwhelmed and the guys throw him a BASS Tech ballcap and take him around the store hooking him up with several hundred dollars worth of free gear to help him out on his quest to win at a tournament.

    After the products are in Brandon's hands, they whisk him away to the shop, nestled in a secret location somewhere between Canada and Mexico, and get to showing him some of the tried and true methods that "501" employed in his less-profitable days to get pro looking gear and equipment. First up, painting slip-sinkers to match his plastic worms. "501" takes an old cardboard box, cuts off the flaps, and glue toothpicks into the corrugated holes. He then takes the slip-sinkers and places them on top of the toothpicks, spray painting them, in this instance, a flat black color. He then mixes a two-part epoxy and mixes in very fine glitter and paints it onto his slip-sinkers. This epoxy doesn't dry...it cures, so you have to make sure you have the right kind of mixture going or they'll never actually dry, they'll just be sticky to the touch. Brandon tries a few and they work well.

    Next up, Brandon mentions that he has been trying to learn about fishing brush piles, so the boys go to the woods and come back with a bunch of brush, making a BASS Tech Brush Pile in the back alley behind the shop showing him the how's and why's of Brush Pile fishing and how to maximize your time and equipment for how to catch 'em. Browning mentions that once you figure them out in one location, you can pretty much go from pile to pile and snag yourself some keepers to toss in the livewell.

    G says it's hot outside and he wants to take it inside to fully explain how to use a Carolina rig to toss into the brush piles. The boys head in and G explains joining the line to another pieces of line, and how to set your weight, your stopper, and your lure up so that the fish think your lure is following another creature (which would be your weight) and how that ends up with you having fish in your boat instead of under it. Brandon is eating this stuff up. He's not just excited to be there, he's actually learning!

    Brandon asks about powder painting, and that gives G an excuse to pull out a blowtorch, which is never a good thing. G first off shows the wrong way to prime your weight for painting, which is melting off all the lead. He tries again, just getting it melted enough to accept paint and immediately dips it into powder paint so that the formerly shiny metal weight is now a pumpkin green.

    The boys mention to Brandon that he must love fishing coming all the way out here for information about it, but that they love it a little more than him and he's got to go! So that they can get out on the water. Brandon loads up all his new gear and new knowledge and gets on the road to Lake DeGray. His mom and dad both mention that this has not only made his day, but probably his year, and the guys wish Brandon the best at his tournament.

    NEXT WEEK: There's a Women's Bassmaster Tour now, and from all accounts, it's awesome! But what about you ladies that need to learn the in's and out's of how to handle a boat and "aren't" a pro? Next Saturday, Mary Delgado herself gets out on the water with the boys to learn what to do when she's in the boat by herself and they throw several wrenches into the works to test and try her patience.

    Product used on this Episode

    OK, Here's what you need to paint some slip sinkers…

    Corrugated Cardboard Box
    Spraypaint (for base color…make sure it matches your bait)
    Super Fine Glitter (you can get this at any hobby shop or crafts store, again…make sure color matches your bait)
    Two-part self leveling epoxy
    Box of toothpicks

    Cut the flaps off the cardboard box, and dip half of every toothpick in glue. Stick the glued up toothpicks into the holes now on the edges of your cardboard box. Place your slip-sinkers onto the tooth picks and spray paint them the desired color. Next, mix up your epoxy on a slick paper surface, like a page from a magazine. Then mix in your glitter and start dabbing the glittery epoxy onto your painted slip sinkers with the paintbrush. Go back and make sure there aren't big globs of the epoxy dripping off the sinkers. Once you get them all squared away and the way you like them, set them aside and let them cure for a day. Now, eat the sandwich. Here's another tip, anytime you make a list about how to do something, always add a sandwich to the list of things you need, because, hey, if you screw up the project, you always have a good sandwich waiting on you. See you next week!

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