'BASS Tech,' Season 2, Episode 11

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    Chig and Ables are still on their Bigfoot hunt in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, we assume, but back here at the shop it's kind of a slow day, so our new host Mary Delgado, who sometimes fishes as a co-angler on BASS tournaments, asks the guys for some help learning more about how to handle a boat and how to be safe while doing so. The guys, who were gonna go fishing anyway, pull all the gear out they were going to use and ran Mary through a checklist of what she should look for and have on her truck and what she should look for and make sure is ready on her boat and told her to have them with her any time she's going to go out on the water, just to make sure she has everything in place both for organization and for her own safety.

    Next up we see a flashback of many of the moments where Chigger has made it very clear that the focus of this shop is to be on safety. G points out that they'd made light of Safety before, but that it was very important on a boat, and the guys show Mary that she should have a life jacket, flotation device and a killswitch cord on every time she gets into a boat. Scott "501" Rook points out that he always brings a simple toolbox with everyday tools so if something happens to the motor or something else on your boat, that you can fix it and not be stranded out on the water all night long.

    Mary and the boys head outside and Brownie jumps in the truck with her to give her the how-to's on backing up a trailer. The big key is turning the opposite direction of how you would normally turn your wheel when backup without a trailer. She tries a couple times with G harassing her from out in the parking lot but she finally sticks it between the uprights of the garage doors to everyone's satisfaction. Brownie says she did a great job, and G says they should go to the lake and show Mary how to get a boat off and back onto a trailer and everyone agrees.

    Out on the water Mary backs the trailer into the water and then puts on her life jacket, killswitch and other gear like they'd told her before. G backs the truck up further and she and Brownie are now out on the water. She hits the bottom of the boat on the dirt in the water immediately and freaks out but Brownie cures her nerves and helps her guide the boat back to the ramp and onto the trailer. She nails it the first time and the guys says she graduates from Boat Handling school.

    They take the boat and trailer back to the shop to show Mary something new they got called the Trailer Safer, which is a easy-to-install lock that tells you if your boat is attached to your trailer hitch by blinking lights and making lots of beeping noises if it isn't correctly attached. Mary says it's really cool and the guys agree. G then tells the boys that being on the water this morning got him wanting to go fishing and they should take advantage of the slow day at the shop to get out on the water and catch some whoppers. He tells Rook he's gunning for Chigger's job and upgrades his tape nametag to a tape nametag with a red ring around his nameā€¦..and they say G isn't a giver.

    See you next season!

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    Trailer Safer by Innovative Perceptions, Inc

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