Driven to Hunt - Kerry Earnhardt

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We met up with "The Gang" late Sunday night in Salt Lake City, Utah. The plane had carried its cargo consisting of Bill Jordan, Kevin Harvick, Chris Williams and Kerry Earnhardt, directly from the New Hampshire race to the mountains of Utah for a three day elk hunt. OEI Properties' invitation to hunt on the Sand Creek Ranch out of Hanna, Utah was what lured us to this part of the Duchesne River Valley. We arrived at almost midnight with Kerry Earnhardt at the Helm — when with NASCAR drivers you let the professionals drive. Despite the long day Earnhardt was ready to hunt. After getting settled in the beautiful lodge we caught some quick winks before the first day of hunting.

Dogged by Cameraman Nick Mundt, Kerry and guide Brad Harris, hunted hard the first day to no avail. The bulls were pretty quiet for this time of the year but just before dark hunter and guide came face to face with a shooter bull. It was too dark for the cameras to capture the action but once the bull moved on everyone knew where they would hunt the next morning. It was a sleepless night but as the sun rose over the Uintas Mountains Earnhardt and Harris found themselves on a ridge overlooking the valley where they had seen the big bull the night before. A quick bugle from Harris located two small bulls just above them. They were spotted running away — from a larger bull — the one they were after. They transversed two steep inclines to find the bulls gone. Almost giving up, Kerry spotted the bull down hill from them in a clearing. A quick move, a quick set up, and a great shot, all caught on tape by Nick, created a great show and got us off to a quick start on Driven To Hunt.