Driven to Hunt Clint Boyer

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Kansas native Clint Bowyer had one thing on his mind growing up — racing.

He started running motorcycles at age five and made the transition to four wheels at age eleven. Racing didn't give Clint much time for hunting despite growing up in a state known for its outdoor activities. However, his boss's passion for hunting peaked Boyer's interest enough to lure him into returning to his home state for his first deer hunt with Driven To Hunt.

Boyer is living a dream driving the 07 car for Richard Childress Racing. Childress has an insatiable passion for hunting which very infectious. After seeing the enjoyment that his boss gets from hunting, Clint approached Driven To Hunt show host Bill Jordan. Bill was planning a hunt at OEI properties' Coal Grounds in Kansas – a perfect fit for Boyer.

Joined by NASCAR greats Terry and Bobby Labonte, Richard Childress and Clint Boyer met Bill Jordan in Kansas for a late season Whitetail hunt. This was Clint's first hunt ever but guide Brad Harris quickly put him at ease. After a windy and wet morning in the stand Clint wasn't sure about this hunting thing. "This was the first three sunrises I have seen all year. It's pretty early for me to get up." said Boyer.

Clint's attitude changed fast after the next morning's hunt. Flanked by cameraman/producer Stacy Ratliff, Brad and Clint made a move to a stand where Harris thought they would see more action. More action was an understatement. Clint was on a heightened sense of alert for almost 3 hours as close to 30 deer, including 7 bucks, made an appearance. It was fun to see this first time hunter so excited about seeing deer and watching their movements.

That afternoon Brad and Clint returned to the same stand looking for a shooter buck. Soon after getting into the stand two bucks emerged from the trees. As the second one appeared Brad told Clint to get ready. Boyer is used to driving 200 miles per hour around the track but he wasn't prepared for the adrenaline rush he got as he pulled the trigger.

Clint harvested his first deer, a nice 8 point, from his home state of Kansas. It was his turn to show the boss, Richard Childress, that he could not only drive but he could hunt with the best of them!