Driven to HuntTaylor Earnhardt

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Taylor Earnhardt is just like her late Father; Dale Earnhardt Sr. She loves hunting, horsepower and speed.

The weekend was based out of the Realtree farm near Columbus, Georgia, but the actual hunt took place just across the border in Alabama. Taylor and her brother Kerry were hunting together for the first time. The interaction between the two was typical of a brother/sister relationship with jabs and tricks being carried out over the two day hunt.

On the first afternoon, Bill and Taylor worked for about an hour to find a gobbler that would respond to the call. After locating a bird, just off a ridge, Bill set up quickly and began calling. The birds were quiet until they were in their laps.

Coming in from an unexpected angle, Taylor had to wait to shoot her bird. However, it was worth the wait. Taylor harvested a nice Eastern Wild Turkey and put another feather in the Earnhardt legacy.

A couple of months later we met Taylor down in Texas at Josey's Ranch.

Taylor's idea of speed is a little different from her Dad's but its still horsepower. Her dedication to barrel racing is evident as you watch her during an event. From the way she takes great care of her horse to the desire to win or wreck trying, she has one focus and that is to be the best.

After spending time with Taylor you can tell she is an Earnhardt and will be carrying on the winning legacy for years to come.