Bill Jordan's Realtree Outdoors 2008 Episode 3

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Realtree Outdoors 2008 — Episode 3

Being on the road away from family during hunting season can take its toll on the Realtree team. That's why David Blanton truly values the friendships he made with other hunters, guides and lodge owners while filming hunts for Realtree Outdoors.

"Many of these people have become like my family, and that is especially true for Hiram and Darenda Begert, owners of the Begert Ranch," says Blanton. "Hiram goes out of his way to make sure that my hunt is top notch, and Darenda fixes fabulous meals for me throughout my entire stay. Both of them are just excellent hosts. They roll out the carpet for their guests and do all they can to make them feel at home."

Although the 10,000-acre Bergert Ranch in Allison, Texas, specializes in limousine cattle, it's a hunter's paradise. The lush Washita River cuts through the ranch, and its location in the Canadian River watershed means that rich and abundant native forage keep the deer and turkey numbers abundant. The quail also flourish in great numbers on the property, which is located in a part of Texas considered the bobwhite's last great stronghold.

Over the years, Blanton has taken his sons turkey hunting at the Begert Ranch where they've consistently experienced success, and after seeing the trophy quality whitetails on the ranch, he wanted to give deer hunting there a try there as well. So last November, David joined up with Realtree Outdoors producer John Tate to see if they could close the deal with their trusty bows and arrows. If so, they'd be the first hunters to harvest deer with their bows on that ranch.

"Our goal was to split up and both take good bucks," Blanton says. "We were hunting in mid November so the deer were beginning to get active with the rut right around the corner. The weather was nice with cool and pleasant mornings, but it was extremely windy. In fact, that part of the country is always windy, so we concentrated on hunting down in the creek bottoms out of the wind."

On the first afternoon of the hunt, luck was in Tate's corner as he scored on a "beautiful" 8-pointer. Once Tate downed his deer, he became a scout for Blanton. Blanton had experienced several close encounters, but had had no luck. On the third day of the hunt, from a distance, Tate spotted a big 10-pointer on a creek bottom, so he returned to camp to tell Blanton about the deer.

"I went in to where John had spotted the deer and built a ground blind," Blanton says. "Sure enough, the deer came back through as I'd hoped, and I took him with my bow. He was a beautiful 145-inch, 10-pointer. So both John and I returned home after having had another great hunt with the Begerts. I look forward to continuing my hunts at the ranch. Even though it's hard being away from my family during the hunting season, I feel like I'm going home whenever I head to Texas for a hunt with the Begerts."

For more info, check out www.begertranch.com, or call 806-375-2346.