Bill Jordan's Realtree Outdoors 2008 Episode 7

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Realtree Outdoors 2008 — Episode 7

The rut. No other phrase can stir a hunter's soul more. Couple those words with Kansas and the buck fever becomes unstoppable. That's why Bill Jordan couldn't wait to join his longtime friend Ben McDonald in the middle of November to hunt rutting whitetails in western Kansas – prime time to catch big bucks cruising for hot does.

"I love hunting that part of the state," Jordan says. "And I enjoyed spending time with both Ben and Perry Ross, owner of Ross Trophy Outfitters. Perry is an exceptional whitetail hunter. He's a true enthusiast with a passion for the sport."

Two years prior, Jordan had taken a 160-inch buck with a bow while hunting at Ross Trophy Outfitters, and he wondered if luck would be with him again.

"I knew what type of deer lived in that area, and I couldn't wait to get a shot at one of them," Jordan says.

McDonald and Jordan spent many hours sitting in their stands, which were setup along the creek drainages and bottlenecks of the open prairie lands. They watched the deer as they ran up and down the creek bottoms to the surrounding alfalfa fields.

Temperatures were mild with highs in the 50s and lows in the 20s. The conditions were windy, but the bucks were so hot that the shifting wind did not negatively impact their hunt. Rattling and grunting both worked effectively bringing in numerous bucks, but none quite big enough until the third day of the hunt. On that day McDonald rattled in a gnarly 150-inch, non-typical brute and shot him with his bow.

"I was thrilled for Ben," Jordan says. "His hard work had paid off. I just hoped that I'd enjoy the same outcome."

The odds for success were falling as Jordan's hunt had gotten down to the wire with only a few hours remaining on the last day.

"I'd set up in my stand along the creek bed approximately150 yards from an alfalfa field," Jordan says. "I'd seen numerous deer throughout the hunt, but I didn't want to settle for a small one, and luckily I didn't have to. A doe stepped out of the woods and not far behind her followed a nice 10-pointer. As soon as he moved into range, I arrowed him."

Both men returned home with venison and fond memories of their hunt.

"Kansas is known for its Boone & Crockett class whitetails, and Perry Ross knows how to locate them," Jordan says. "I had a blast hunting with Perry and Ben, and I can't wait to return to Kansas for another chance at one of those monster whitetails."

For more information about Ross Trophy Outfitters, call 662-628-6914, or check out www.rosstrophyoutfitters.com