Driven to Hunt Blog - Show 3

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For Tony Eury Jr., the high stress, fast paced lifestyle of NASCAR's pit row is more than a job, it's the only life he knows. Raised in racing royalty-his Dad was Dale Earnhardt's Chief and Cousin, the next generation of 'juniors'- Tony and Dale, are one of the best known teams on the series.

And like his famous father and Uncle, Eury Jr. finds solace in the outdoors. Fishing and hunting are favorite activities, but rarely does the schedule permit time for them.

That's why it was so special to get a chance to share that rare time with Tony Eury Jr. and Bill Jordan of Team Realtree.

The Ty Valley Ranch in Southeastern Oklahoma is not famous for its big whitetail bucks…yet. After an evening in the stand with Tony and Bill, and a visit that night back at the lodge with Grant Woods, a wildlife biologist who specializes in helping landowners maximize their wildlife, it was clear Ty Valley was going to be one of the next big places for trophy bucks.

Tony and Bill spent a couple of days in tree stands just watching the various deer move about the ranch. An old 8 point that was on the decline was said to haunt the fields they were hunting, and that sounded like a great deal to both Bill and Tony Jr. They would be helping the deer management on Ty Valley, and this 8 point would be the finest trophy whitetail of Eury Jr.'s life.

Unfortunately, someone forgot to inform the buck of this little plan, because he was in no way cooperating. They spotted him early morning, long before shooting light, only to have him vanish by the time the sun rose. One of the guides at the Ty Valley Ranch watched him graze beneath his stand for almost an hour, but he was only there to scout and take pictures.

When Tony Eury Jr. saw those pictures, it whetted his appetite even more.

Finally, in what seems to be a running theme with the sportsman of NASCAR, it was down to the finish line again, with Eury Jr. finally getting a chance on the last morning of the hunt. This is a man who makes critical decisions and adjustments that are analyzed in seconds, but when that special bucks lifts his head and tiptoes into the field, anyone can freeze. You'll have to tune in to see how it all turns out...