Wanna Go Fishing: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Sitka, Alaska

My trip to the Big 12 Baseball Tournament in Oklahoma City was suppose to be just a time to have fun and watch my college team duke it out with one of their biggest rivals. I was really excited to watch a great game of baseball and hang out with my whole family. What I least expected to come was that this one particular game was going to change my life.

One simple question did just that, "Wanna go fishin?"

When arriving at the ballgame I was waiting in line to get my ticket and I saw some guys with ESPN microphones and I told my family that I was going to try and get on TV.
So, I went over there, but, since the place was packed there was no hope in me getting on TV. So, I just decided to go cheer on my team.

While after finding my seat and chattin' it up with the family; one thing you have to do at the ball park is eat the great food.

I was heading down the stairs, back to my seat, when someone tapped me from behind.

I thought it was just one of my brothers, but to my BIG surprise it was the guys with the ESPN microphone and video cameras. I was in complete shock but totally excited!
YAY, I just might be on TV.

I thought they were there just covering the big game and getting some fan's thoughts on who was going to win.

Matt asked me some normal questions from where I was from and what I liked to do.

Knowing that they were here for the game, I told them how much I like to watch and play sports.

But, when I said I liked to fish their eyes lit up and I knew something was going on. They didn't have anything about fishing on them so I was pretty confused.

But, then the famous question was asked, "Wanna go fishin?"

And, then I was totally confused.

I had no idea what he was getting at, but he then said I had 2 phone calls and 5 minutes to decide if I was going to go with complete strangers to Alaska for a fishing trip of a lifetime.

All I could do was laugh.

I really thought it was a huge prank that they were playing on me. But, Matt kept counting down the time saying you have 4 minutes left.

So, I quickly decided I was going no matter what.

My mom was hesitant at first but she really knew that I wanted to go so she said ok.

But, the problem was my grandfather who was there at the game. I remember him telling Matt that he was wasting his time and that I wasn't going.

But next thing I knew, I was on a plane off to Alaska. With all my sponsored gear on I was ready to catch the big one. I was on a mission.

The three days that I was there I caught enough fish to feed my whole hometown and enough memories to last me a lifetime.

Alaska was beautiful and what made it even better was the feeling when I caught those huge monster king salmon.

Words can't describe it when you catch something so big. The effort and time that it takes reeling those monsters in is all worth it when you get the chance to hold them up and in my case kiss them. If you would have asked me before this trip if I could reel in a king salmon like the ones I caught I would have said no way. But the adrenaline and excitement when you get a bite is amazing, you do whatever you need to do in order to get that fish in the boat even if it is dancing around the boat like I had to do.

This trip was so amazing in so many different ways and I am so lucky to say that I have been on the most awesome fishing trip of a lifetime.

And if anyone ever asks me again you'll know the answer- YES I wanna go fishin!!!