World's Greatest Fishing Show: The Blog

Engaging, Awkward or Irrelevant? That's the question we ask almost everyday while editing WGFS. You see it's very tough to edit Mark Zona. More often than not we are forced to make the hard decision to cut good content from the show. Thankfully we get to post some of those outtakes on ESPNOutdoors.com.

When it comes to Z, the question usually becomes… Is this engaging or awkward? The best example I can think of is the piñata/wrestling from the Falcon Lake show. I'm still not sure what category that falls in. As for these blogs, I'm pretty sure the choice leans more towards awkward and irrelevant.

So in the spirit of Engaging, Awkward or Irrelevant here is some random trivia about the Calabamich (and Flamich) Cup. I'll throw them out and let you decide.

  • The best quote from Zona that did not make the show: "Look at the four guys in this today; it looks like three convicts and President Vandam"

  • Read my lips…President's Lake is named for President George H.W. Bush who, along with George W, was a frequent visitor on Ray's Lake.

  • The WGFS crew shared beds with the former Presidents. I better rephrase that… they slept in the same beds the Presidents did at Ray's guest house.

  • <

    li>Ray's guest house had both Starbucks and Millstone coffee in it. Some ended up on the rug.

  • Hot dogs were served for lunch at both events…but not just any hot dogs, Chris' Hot Dogs from Montgomery, AL. They may just be the best on the planet.

  • The morning of the Calabamich Cup none of the anglers had a hot shower. There was no hot water at the hotel.

  • The evening of the Calabamich Cup the hotel had no water period. They all had to check out.

  • The crew got a chance to visit the Flea Market Montgomery... turns out it is just like a mini mall. Go ahead and YouTube it... I know you want to.

  • At least 10 dozen oysters on the half shell were consumed at the post tournament banquet.

  • Artist Dwayne Butler spent about two days designing the Calabamich Cup logo. His only direction was it, "had to have Ray Scott as King Neptune, and it had to have a trident."

  • The staff at Ray Scott Outdoors was unbelievably helpfully during the production. I can't thank them enough for the hospitality.

  • The vest was modeled after Ray Scott's classic look and was modeled by WGFS staffer Dean Holbird. He was a good sport. Only two were made so they might be a collectors item….check ebay.

  • Speaking of the vest…it's real leather and was sewn and glued together by our pals Jennifer Jones and Julie Bethel. Look for a cameo by Jennifer on the season finale.

  • The coffee served the morning of the event may have been the strongest coffee ever made! Thanks Vicki, I loved it.

  • Even though there are skeptics, I can assure you that the competition is legit, (it is not scripted) and the guys absolutely do not know the results until the weigh-in.

  • The morning after the 2008 Flamich Cup… I rolled out of bed and caught a nice bass… please don't tell Ray!

  • The afternoon before the 2009 Calabamich Cup… I had a blast catching about 30 bass in 30 minutes with Frank Jones, the President of Carolina Electric Boats. We were "testing out" one of his Twin Trollers for the show.

  • 2009 Calabamich Cup weather: Low 18 High 45

  • 2008 Flamich Cup weather: Low 48 High 74

  • No one recognized Skeet Reese the first time they saw him.

  • Skeet's real name is Ulyssis S. Grant Reese.

  • The above factoid is false.