World's Greatest Fishing Show: The Blog

It's not a secret to anyone that Mark Zona loves to fish for smallmouth... they are the Holy Grail of his strange world. Catching them is an experience he talks about all the time. So Zona's pal Jeff Coble, tired of hearing the stories about big bronzebacks on deep diving crankbaits, got on a plane to join Z and see what the whole fuss is about. If you're curious you might want to tune in.

But back to Zona's passion for catching smallmouth… it often makes me reflect on the words a wise man once wrote:

"When I'm in your chains, it's understood.
That you're my owner, my only will
Come and get me while I'm quiet and still
I can't get enough of you baby
I can't get enough, it's never enough"

Just like Kip Winger, the architect of those great words, Mark Zona truly can't get enough when it comes to smallmouth. And why would he? They are a phenomenal fish to catch… addictive even. When someone starts up a support group for Smallies Anonymous, I'll be the first to sign Zona up.

But it's not fair to pigeon hole Zona as strictly a smallmouth specialist. Recently one of Z's good friends, Kevin Wirth, said that "Zona's only talent is catching the brown ones".

Not true, I've heard the man sing and agree with him that those pipes have superstar potential. In fact, Mark Zona should audition for American Idol… and of course he agrees. So here is Mark Zona's list of the top ten songs he would sing at the audition for American Idol:

  • 1. Total Eclipse of the Heart — Bonnie Tyler

  • 2. Broken Wings — Mr. Mister

  • 3. Oops… I Did it Again! — Britney Spears

  • 4. Mexican Radio — Wall of Voodoo

  • 5. Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car — Billy Ocean

  • 6. Trapped in the Closet (Remix) R Kelly

  • 7. Steppin' Out — Joe Jackson

  • 8. The Safety Dance — Men Without Hats

  • 9. Believe — Cher

  • 10. Pass the Ducthie — Musical Youth

  • Here's the problem… I'm told Zona doesn't qualify for the show because he's too old. I'd say it's time to writing letters to the American Idol producers.