World's Greatest Fishing Show: The Blog

As soon as we got off the plane in New Orleans things on this shoot started to go wrong. The weather was wrong… so the lake was wrong… so the hotel was wrong… then the boat was wrong… I even got a speeding ticket driving to our last minute destination… are you getting the picture?

Yes things just seemed wrong, that was until Greg Hackney and his glorious beard showed up… suddenly everything in the world of WGFS seemed right! Z and I both felt it. Greg had this causal confidence about himself that made our concerns about the shoot disappear. I didn't realize it right away… but it was the beard that was inspiring us.

Remember, we were going after shark and you need to trust the man who is leading you into shark infested water. If you met these two guys at the dock on Amity Island… whose boat would you jump in?

Yes Greg wears his beard well. In fact, he has made me consider growing one although I expect mine would look a lot like Redd Foxx's from Sanford and Son. The point I'm trying to make here is wouldn't be great if we made all the guests on WGFS grow beards?

Imagine some of the guests we have had this season:

Kevin Wirth would sport a bronze beard that goes nicely with the big smallmouth he and Z were catching. But he wouldn't let it get too unruly… that would mess with his golf swing.

It's in his name… Pete Maina wouldn't grow a beard, he would grow a mane. Just like the king of the jungle… the king of all muskie fears no fish.

Of course Bill wouldn't have to look any further than his good friend James "Big Cat" Patterson for inspiration. This picture kind of reminds me of two professors out with the teacher's pet looking for extra credit.

The WGFS Host… Mr Z. I'm not going to explain this picture but I will say to look for it in show 9… then you will understand.

OK… enough of the fake beards and back to the important beard. We were hanging out in the hotel lobby waiting for Hackney to pick us up. It was a cold and windy morning at Venice marina. All the local guides had already made the decision to stay close and fish protected backwaters. None of them wanted to run 50 miles down the river into the Gulf of Mexico that morning. After some small talk and a few coffees Greg shows up pulling a jon boat. If I remember…the guides actually laughed at us a little bit.

20 minutes later our crew was running to the Gulf of Mexico in a jon boat. We would have followed that beard anywhere…

Hope you enjoy the show and be sure to check out the video outtakes with Z and Hack. And yes the remora was real…