World's Greatest Fishing Show: The Blog

The highly anticipated return to Ray Scott's President's Lake is finally here! Last year's Flamich Cup was such a huge success that we couldn't pass up Ray's invitation to come back. However this year we had to make a name change since Florida will not be represented. Instead we have asked Team Calabama, consisting of Skeet Reese (California) and Gerald Swindle (Alabama), to challenge the defending champions Team Michigan... Zona and KVD. Get it? Calaba-mich…

Hosted by the one and only Ray Scott, this event is truly like no other. Ray has implemented a no-cull format with a blind weigh-in where neither team knows the results until the end. Of course, all of this is kicked off with an old school shotgun blast. We can't thank Ray enough for hosting WGFS… but we tried. Z asked our artists to design an event logo that truly represents his vision of Ray and this one of a kind sporting spectacle. (Be sure to check out the video clip of how Z came up with the logo.)

My favorite aspect of this event is the no-cull rule. This rule states that once a fish is put in the livewell it doesn't come out until the fish are weighed. So when a team puts in bass number six, they are done fishing for the session. I'm sure the reason I love it is because the anglers absolutely hate it… and that makes great TV. There is a strangely satisfying pleasure that comes with watching some of the greatest fishermen on the planet agonize over keeping a three pound bass.

It doesn't help that these guys are fishing on Ray Scott's lake, a lake that was meticulously designed from scratch to produce giant bass. Every rock, tree and ditch… even an old Chevy has been hand placed by the bass boss. I'm told Ray's philosophy is to create an underwater city for bass complete with roadways, houses and I would hope a tavern or two. Seriously, the lake is truly managed to be a great small water and when conditions are right President's Lake is unbelievable. Of course the morning of the Calabamich Cup the air temperature was 19 degrees. Why make it easy or comfortable for everyone?

Not that the guys complained… or at least they didn't complain too much. Which is kind of surprising considering the stakes, have you actually seen the trophy? Maybe it was the sweet vest we added to the prize… or maybe these guys are just competition junkies who can't stand the idea of losing.