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Never one to kick a man while he's down, Page 2's Brian Murphy decided to leave Al Davis alone today. Instead, in his post-Super Bowl Cooler column, he celebrates the greatest possible shaming of an old foe -- Jon Gruden's embarrassing crushing of some guy with the initials "A" and "D" -- by coining a new sports phrase.


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There's so much more to a Super Bowl than a lousy football game -- reputations made and lost, the pregame hoopla, patriotic music, halftime shows, postgame blather ... and the ads. Page 2's Eric Neel and the Daily Quickie rate the good, the bad, the empty, the winners and the losers ... and they don't always agree.

Leeches for all Hope and glory
In a fit of misplaced exuberance, the Good Doctor foolishly swore allegiance to the Oakland Raiders and now he must pay the full price -- a live appearance on national TV, his head covered with leeches. Will that be enough to teach him that gambling doesn't pay? Stay tuned.
While the Bucs and Raiders were doing battle in the Super Bowl, some real warriors -- the crew of the aircraft carrier U.S.S. John C. Stennis -- watched the Big Game and awaited orders that might take them into the teeth of a showdown with a foe even more dangerous than Al Davis ... Iraq.

Blackbeard or Sir Francis Drake never captained a ship like the one Jon Gruden did on Sunday. Page 2 cartoonist Kurt Snibble recaps the Super Bowl in pictures and how the all-powerful Buccaneer warship steamrolled over the Raider sloop.

As we toil through the "dead zone" of sports between the Super Bowl and March Madness, Page 2 reflects on the 10 best events from in "dead zone" history.. Check out our list and vote for the best ever.

10]  Tara Lipinski wins figure skating gold (Feb. 20, 1998)
Lipinski. 15 years old. 82 pounds nailed a flawless freestyle performance to become the youngest to win an Olympic gold in her sport, and the youngest individual gold medalist in any Winter Olympics.
9]  Eric Heiden wins fifth gold (Feb. 23, 1980)
Heiden shattered the 10,000 meter speed skating world record by 6.2 seconds, and captured his fifth gold medal of the 1980 Lake Placid Games. He became the first athlete ever to win five individual golds in an Olympics.
8]  Foreman floors Frazier (Jan. 22, 1973)
Five minutes and 35 seconds. Six knockdowns. One new heavyweight champ. Foreman: 38-0. Frazier: 29-1. Soon to come: The Rumble in the Jungle.
7]  Elvin Hayes vs. Lew Alcindor (January 20, 1968)
The day college basketball went from being a sport to a Major Sport. No. 1 UCLA, led by the tall, lanky Lew Alcindor takes on No. 2 Houston, featuring forward Elvin Hayes Millions more watched the first regular-season college basketball contest to be televised nationally.

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Page 2's Bill Simmons plays the role of James Lipton as he sits down with the Jimmy Kimmel on the eve of his talk show debut.

Page 2 Super Bowl diarist Jim Caple fills up the dark hours by witnessing Charlie Garner's selfish performance in the PlayStation playoff.

Page 2's Jason Whitlock makes the ultimate sacrifice ... he's going to the Playboy Super Bowl party.

The Raiders of the 80's played hard and lived even harder, which is why everyone liked them wirtes Page 2's Ralph Wiley -- they remind us of us.
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Men's hoops: Indiana at Michigan State
7 p.m. ET, ESPN
This game had loads of promise -- a month ago.
Men's hoops: Texas A&M at Oklahoma
7 p.m. ET, ESPN2
A&M looks to foil Sooners' home streak.
Men's hoops: Florida at LSU
9 p.m. ET, ESPN
LSU is on the verge of falling off the bubble.
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Monday, January 27, 2003