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Rarely do you hear "The Greatest" mentioned in the same breath as Tonya Harding. But in honor of LeBron James' new freedom, Page 2 lists the top 10 suspensions and bans in sports history -- and both Ali and the Skategate queen make our list, along with Shoeless Joe, Charlie Hustle, the Hawk, Spree and a few more. TOP 10 SUSPENSIONS OF ALL-TIME


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Just one week after Super Sunday, where did we find our pal, The Sports Guy? Alas, he was spotted "yard-sale hopping" with The Sports Gal in L.A. How the mighty have fallen. Now before you think your man has completely given in to the dark side, consider this: This is sports' deadest time of year ... and he did hustle back to catch the end of the Pro Bowl.

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They lost their big man for a while and sputtered early, but they look poised to return to the NBA Finals. Yep, we're talking about the Nets, of course, and Page 2's Jim Armstrong says they're a better bet to be playing in June than last year's "other" finalist.
Is your local NHL club passing around the hat for donations during games? Don't be surprised, as some NHL teams are in financial chaos. Is yours? Check out Page 2 cartoonist Kurt Snibbe's signs that your team is having money problems.

If you come to State U., you'll start right away and be on the fast track to the pros. Yep, it's college football's "Signing Day," and the Daily Quickie cuts through all the false promises to deliver the truth on today's headlines. Did we mention all the hot co-eds on campus?

With our the next NBA No. 1 pick sitting on the bench, Page 2 reflects on the 10 best high school athletes ever.. Check out our list and vote for the best ever.

10]  Connie Hawkins (Boys High, New York City)
Hawkins was All-City first team as a junior as Boys went undefeated and won New York's ultra-competitive PSAL (Public School Athletic League) title in 1959. His senior year he averaged 25.5 ppg., including one game in which he scored 60, and Boys again went undefeated and won the 1960 PSAL title.
9]  Marion Jones (Rio Mesa High and Thousand Oaks High, Thousand Oaks, Calif.)
As a 16-year-old, Jones was already one of the fastest sprinters in the world, and won an alternate spot on the 1992 Olympics 400 meter relay team. She chose not to go to Barcelona, but if she had, she probably would have raced in at least one prelim round and taken home a team gold.
8]  Wilt Chamberlain (Overbrook High School, Philadelphia)
In a preview of what would come when he hit the NBA, Chamberlain scored a city-record 90 points in one game his senior year, even though he only played about 28 minutes (he ran off 60 points during one 10-minute run).

Eagles 5-1   Raiders 10-1
Rams 6-1   Dolphins 10-1
Buccaneers 7-1   Packers 15-1
Steelers 7-1   49ers 15-1
Patriots 10-1   Giants 15-1
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Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy are winners. Mike Vanderjagt can't see this, because he ain't a football player, writes Page 2's Ralph Wiley.

With swimsuit issues making a comeback, Page 2's Dan Shanoff has the scoop on plans at a few other publications.

The Suns may be young and restless, but according to Charley Rosen, Stephon Marbury and Co. have a bright future.

For a moment, it seemed as if the '60s were back as the anti-war movement and the X Games arrived in Aspen -- home of the Good Doctor -- at the same time.

OK, so Page 2's Bill Simmons can't help his team on the field. But the least he can do is try not to jinx them!

Why would anyone attempt a backflip on a motorcycle on a snowy surface? Page 2's Eric Neel seeks the answer at Winter X.
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Lakers at Knicks
7:30 p.m. ET, TNT
Lakes might break .500, afterall.
Avalanche at Red Wings
8 p.m. ET, ESPN
Avs last loss was to Wings three weeks ago.
Men's Hoops: Virginia at Maryland
9 p.m. ET, ESPN2
The real rivalry game for Maryland.
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