Ali Contest
The No. 1 seeds are Michael Jackson, Joe Millionaire, Pete Rose and Lil' Kim. The darkhorses are Shania Twain, Ron Artest, Kelly Osbourne and Halle Berry. Tiger Woods and J-Lo still can't believe they didn't get in. It's Page 2's 2003 Wacky Bracket, and the madness begins today with first-round matchups in the Joan Rivers Region. LET THE MADNESS BEGIN

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Around 6 p.m. PT on Thursday, the Sports Gal will come home and ask the Sports Guy how he spent his day. He will reply, "I watched games." Then she'll ask how he plans to spend the evening, and he'll reply, "Um, watching games." It's a March tradition, and it's one of our man's 10 favorite things about the NCAA tourney.

The Daily Quickie Um ... I Was Misquoted
And now we present the chair of the NCAA Selection Committee ... Jim Carrey. Seriously, the Daily Quickie is "dumbfounded" by bracket gaffes, the NFL's new playoff format and the thought of Emmitt Smith in a Cardinals jersey. And then there's the real madness that threatens to interrupt our month of fun.
OK, so Bill Clinton was being very technical when he said, "I did not have sex with that woman." And David Wells said "half-drunk" when he meant "hung over." And we doubt Jose Mesa will really "kill" Omar Vizquel. Page 2's Patrick Hruby explains some famous verbal gaffes and what was really meant.

By now, you've spent more than 36 hours staring at your blank bracket, and all the lines are blurring together. Don't fret! Check out Page 2's Do's and Don'ts for filling out your pool sheet and our list of What's Hot for the 2003 NCAA tourney, and you'll be as energized as Dickie V. in no time.

Now that the NCAA Tournament has finally arrived, Page 2 figured the timing was perfect to reflect on the 10 best individual performances in the history of the Big Dance. Check out our list and then vote for the best solo effort of all-time.

10]  Christian Laettner, Duke (1992)
Against Kentucky in the East final, Laettner played a perfect game. He shot 10-for-10 from the field, 10-for-10 from the charity stripe, and scored the game-winning basket at the buzzer -- a 17-footer against two Kentucky defenders -- to give Duke a 104-103 overtime victory in one of the greatest games in tournament history.
9]  Steve Fisher, Michigan (1989)
Fisher has the honor of being the only coach to make this list, because his 1989 story is one for the ages. After Bill Frieder left to take the Arizona State job, Fisher guided his squad to six consecutive tourney victories and the NCAA title.
8]  Danny Manning, Kansas (1988)
Unranked, sixth-seeded Kansas (nicknamed "Danny and the Miracles"), coached by Larry Brown, won it all, and Danny Manning was the reason, as he combined for 66 points, 28 rebounds and nine steals in the Final Four.

VEGAS' ODDS TO WIN 2003 NCAA Tournament
Kentucky 3-1   Duke 12-1
Arizona 4-1   Louisville 12-1
Oklahoma 6-1   Mississippi St. 15-1
Kansas 8-1   Illinois 15-1
Florida 8-1   Memphis 20-1
Texas 10-1   Maryland 20-1
Pitt 10-1   UConn 25-1
Complete line

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As he mulls over his NCAA bracket on St. Patrick's Day, Page 2's Brian Murphy is ready to move Cooler Day to March 17.

Guys say they want a girl that can talk the talk about sports. However, Stacey Pressman writes, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Page 2's Tim Keown wants to know: What reaction did CBS expect to get when Pittsburgh's NCAA seeding was announced?

As we fill in our brackets, Page 2's Dan Shanoff has one team you might have heard of, but will never see. And they're damned good.

He may be 40, he may be playing his last games -- but according to Page 2's Ralph Wiley, Michael Jordan is still Michael Jordan.

After a horrific run-in with Oilers coach Craig Mac Tavish, the Flames' Harvey the Hound and his tongue, are back in action writes Page 2's Greg Garber.
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It's Pitt star Brandin Knight, left, and actor/rapper Sean Combs, a k a P. Diddy. Page 2 has received 88 requests for this match. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

Men's NCAA Play-In Game
7 p.m. ET, ESPN
UNC Asheville vs. Texas Southern.
Men's NIT Round One
7 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Georgetown at Tennessee.
Nets at Celtics
7:30 p.m. ET, FOX Sports
Anyone remember the NBA?
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