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T-Mac is a one-man Magic show. Pierce and Walker carry the Celts every night. And the Answer is showing flashes of his 2001 form. So, naturally, the Sports Guy says the most important player in the East is ... Keith Van Horn? Yup. The Sixers have him, and the Nets don't, and that will prove to be the difference this June.

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The NCAA tourney is a three-week joyride. The NFL asks for your attention once a week. Baseball, on the other hand ... now that's a sport that demands a real commitment. You might vow to be true in March, but that doesn't mean you'll stay true for 162 games over six months. Page 2's Eric Neel offers a 12-step plan to keep you with the program.

The Wacky Bracket Quickie Times Two!
The majority of our readers say Anna has jumped the shark, but the games will go on in the Kournikova Region of Page 2's Wacky Bracket Tournament. Can Pavel and Sergei take down Enrique? Will Anna be upset by Liz Hurley? Vote on those matchups and 30 others as the first round of our Big Dance concludes. The polls will be open 'til Monday.
It's hard to follow the Big Dance when your boss keeps asking for those TPS reports. Thankfully, the Tourney Quickie is here to provide live NCAA updates while you're trapped in the office. If you can ditch Lumbergh early, you'll also want to check out the Daily Quickie, which has the latest on Lakers-Kings and disrespectful Canadians.

Tubby Smith has worked wonders at Kentucky. Not only does he have five players moving the ball beautifully as one unit, he has proven that a black man can succeed in Adolph Rupp Country. Page 2's Ralph Wiley says that leaves only two remaining challenges for Tubby: either UCLA or the NBA.

All right, we're deep in March Madness now. We've listed the the 10 best individual performances in the history of the NCAA Tournament and the 10 most stunning upsets of all-time, so now we're focusing on the 10 biggest blowouts ever. Check out our list of March massacres and vote for your favorite runaway.

10]  Princeton 118, Wichita State 82 (consolation game, 1965)
Bill Bradley set a tournament record with 58 points as the Tigers rolled to a 36-point rout of the Shockers in the consolation game at the 1965 Final Four.
9]  Texas A&M 78, North Carolina 61 (Midwest Regional second round, 1980)
This was really a five-minute blowout. The two teams were tied at 53-53 at the end of regulation, then battled to a scoreless first OT period. In the second extra period, A&M set a tourney record for the most points in an overtime, scoring 25 to UNC's 7.
8]  Syracuse 101, Brown 52 (East regional first round, 1986)
The Orangemen took control late in the first half, reeling off 21 straight points and went into the locker room with a 51-23 lead. Dwayne "Pearl" Washington put on a great show while playing only 13 minutes in the first half, scoring 17 points with some fancy moves.

VEGAS' ODDS TO WIN 2003 NCAA Tournament
Kentucky 3-1   Duke 12-1
Arizona 4-1   Louisville 12-1
Oklahoma 6-1   Mississippi St. 15-1
Kansas 8-1   Illinois 15-1
Florida 8-1   Memphis 20-1
Texas 10-1   Maryland 20-1
Pitt 10-1   UConn 25-1
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You know the Good Doctor likes Kentucky, but who else is in his Final Four. Check out Hunter's full bracket for the 2003 NCAA tourney.

It's that time of year again, and the Sports Guy wants to share the 10 things he loves the most about March Madness.

Page 2's Dan Shanoff rumages through the bracket to find the hottest players, sleepers, mascots, coaches and squads in the NCAA tourney.

College kids are all abuzz over the NCAA Tournament. Page 2 snuck into one chat room to see what they're talking about.

Lots of players will make names for themselves in the NCAA tourney, but Page 2's Dan Shanoff has a list of those who already have the best names,

Ten years after they broke up, Page 2's Eric Neel says the one thing you can't argue about the Fab Five is the electricity they created.
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It's Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro, left, and actor Jason Cook of "Days of our Lives." This match was requested by Danielle Hislop of Levittown, N.Y. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

Women's NCAA Tournament
7 p.m. ET, ESPN
(4)Rutgers vs. (5)Georgia and
(7)Virginia Tech vs. (2)Purdue.
Women's NCAA Tournament
9 p.m. ET, ESPN2
(3) UNC vs. (6)Colorado.
Women's NCAA Tournament
11:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2
(3) Stanford vs. (6)Minnesota and
(1)LSU vs. (8)Wisconsin-GB.
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