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War or no war, the show must go on. And Page 2's Bill Simmons addresses the pertinent developments, including -- his Mom's problem with Jennifer Garner ... ... why it would actually stink to date Salma Hayek ... how Nicole Kidman proved the validity of the Ewing Theory ... and what's up with this "ugly trend," anyway?

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Looking for the perfect getaway? Brian Murphy found his this past weekend in sunny Arizona, where he got to heckle a Korean first baseman, sing Neil Diamond with an Iranian cab driver, lust after Renee Zellweger and listen to Jon Miller "do a Vin Scully" so perfect it would have made Marlon Brando cry.

The Wacky Bracket Sweet 16
A No. 16 seed has never won a game in the NCAA tourney, but the ultimate underdog has prevailed in Page 2's Wacky Bracket tournament. Fresh off her stunning first-round upset of Lil' Kim, Christina Aguilera moves on to face Dennis Rodman in round two as we narrow the field to our Sweet 16.
Gonzaga has owned the Cinderella slipper in the past, but we have a new sensation: the Butler Bulldogs are all the rage says the Daily Quickie as the NCAA Tournament heads into the Sweet 16. The Quickie is also impressed with Tiger, LeBron and Jennifer Garner, but not with the Spurs.

As a soon-to-be 40-year-old, Randy Johnson is on the edge of an athletic miracle - he's not just getting older, he's getting better. And the really amazing thing, says Page 2's Jim Armstrong, is this: When the Big Unit says it's not about the money, he might actually be telling the truth.

With U.S. troops at war in Iraq, the question was raised whether or not sports should continue on. They did, of course, but this isn't the first time issues of war and sports crossed paths. We've listed the the 10 most significant moments sports and war have intersected.

10]  Uninterrupted soccer resumes in Kabul (2002)
Free from the threat of interruption by the fundamentalist militia carrying out a public execution, groups of Kabul men take to the street to play soccer.
9]  The Gulf War and Super Bowl XXV (1991)
The first Gulf War, had already begun in the skies over the Middle East as Super Bowl XXV approached. Some debated whether the game should be played, but the decision was made that the Bills-Giants contest would go on providing a valuable respite for those troops, who watched and listened.
8]  MLB changes schedule during WWII (1942)
Commissioner Landis took FDR's suggestion to not only keep baseball running, but altered the schedule to allow employees of all work shifts to attend games. Players got part of their pay in war bonds, and all kinds of patriotic, war-oriented activities regularly accompanied games

VEGAS' ODDS TO WIN 2003 NCAA Tournament
Kentucky 3-1   Duke 12-1
Arizona 4-1   Louisville 12-1
Oklahoma 6-1   Mississippi St. 15-1
Kansas 8-1   Illinois 15-1
Florida 8-1   Memphis 20-1
Texas 10-1   Maryland 20-1
Pitt 10-1   UConn 25-1
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With the NBA playoffs a few weeks away, Bill Simmons is back to handicap who will represent the Eastern Conference this June.

Baseball is not a relationship to be entered into lightly. Get prepared for the long haul with a dozen tips for the committed baseball fan.

You know the Good Doctor likes Kentucky, but who else is in his Final Four. Check out Hunter's full bracket for the 2003 NCAA tourney.

Page 2's Dan Shanoff rumages through the bracket to find the hottest players, sleepers, mascots, coaches and squads in the NCAA tourney.

College kids are all abuzz over the NCAA Tournament. Page 2 snuck into one chat room to see what they're talking about.

Lots of players will make names for themselves in the tourney, but Page 2's Dan Shanoff has a list of those who already have the best names.
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It's Butler guard Darnell Archey, left, and SNL funnyman Chris Kattan. This match was requested by 24 of our faithful readers. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

Women's NCAA Tournament
5 p.m. ET, ESPN2
South Carolina at Penn St
Women's NCAA Tournament
7 p.m. ET, ESPN and ESPN2
'Nova vs. GW; Texas vs. Arkansas; Utah at Duke
Women's NCAA Tournament
9 p.m. ET, ESPN and ESPN2
TCU at UConn; Ohio St at La Tech; ND at K-State; UCSB at Texas Tech
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March 24, 2003