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While most long-time observers of the college basketball scene are thrilled that either Jim Boeheim or Roy Williams -- the two little trains that couldn't -- finally has to win that elusive first NCAA title, Page 2's Brian Murphy worries about what will happen to the poor guy who loses. Hey, the ol' Coolermeister is nothing if not sensitive.

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It's only been one week since Opening Day of MLB 2003, but Page 2's resident hardball diarist Eric Neel has already noticed some promising and ominous trends. On the upside, Coney is back, Erubiel Durazo is en fuego. From the Worrisome Dept. -- Junior's injured again, F-Rod is showing schizoid tendencies and MLB Extra Innings can be deleterious to your mental health.

Rock, chalk, Jayhawk! Medication time
After wandering Austin, Texas, searching in vain for hoops fans, Page 2's Jim Caple took his Final Four journey on the road again, this time heading back to Kansas. After a brutal drive, he arrived ... and immediately had his faith in the beauty of hoop restored.
Matt Doherty's resignation after complaints from UNC players and parents has many observers moaning about "the insanity of inmates running the asylum." Well, Page 2's Ralph Wiley thinks that, in some cases, the asylum is better off being run by inmates.

Here at Page 2, we love tournaments, brackets and softball pitchers who can buzz us with some high heat. The hottest things going right now: Jennie Finch, who crushed Christina Aguilera to win our Wacky Bracket, and Carmelo Anthony, who the Daily Quickie annoints as the best freshman ... ever.

After Monday's national championship, one team will be able to call themselves the best -- for this year anyway. In honor of the end of the 2003 NCAA tournament, Page 2 looks back on the 10 greatest college basketball teams in history. Check out our list and vote for the top college cagers of all time.

10]  1960 Ohio State Buckeyes (25-3)
Led by sophomore Jerry Lucas and fellow starter John Havlicek, the Buckeyes rolled through the tournament, winning every game by at least 15 points.
9]  1957 North Carolina Tar Heels (32-0)
After taking out Michigan St. in triple-overtime, the Tar Heels capped their undefeated season by containing Kansas' Wilt Chamberlain in the final, also in triple-overtime, 54-53.
8]  1956 San Francisco Dons (29-0)
Even without K.C. Jones, the Dons won their second consecutive tiler and extended their unbeaten streak to 55 games -- thanks to a center named Bill Russell.

Monday Kansas 5 Syracuse 158

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When sportswriters say war puts sports in perspective, Bill Simmons has one thing to say: It puts everything in perspective.

CLUB 500
Just because four players might reach the 500-Homer Club this season doesn't mean it has lost meaning, writes Ralph Wiley.

Hold the hype on LeBron James, Michael Jordan tells Page 2's Jim Armstrong: The kid isn't ready to be a star right away.

The modern era of the Final Four began in '79 with a tilt for the ages. Eric Neel hands out a grade for each of the Final Fours since.

With all Roy Williams' double talk, no one knows if the Jayhawk will fly away to Chapel Hil, writes Page 2's Jason Whitlock.
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It's St. Louis Blues defenseman Chris Pronger, left, and Dawson's Creek star James Van Der Beek. Page 2 has received 19 requests for this match. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

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Everything you need to know about the big game.
NCAA Final: UConn vs. Tennessee
8:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
It's ladies night in Hot'lanta!
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