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You thought Bear Bryant ran grueling practices? Wait 'til you see what Mike Price puts his players through as they prepare for the rigors of the college gridiron. Jim Caple's tell-all script makes Prairie Junction look like Club Med. No water during practice -- at least 'til the keg is dry. And those ugly strippers! Only the strong will survive.

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With Michael Jordan suddenly unemployed, Page 2's Ralph Wiley says the time for action is now. R-Dub has a plan that will save Jordan from the fate that befell the Babe at the end of his career. It involves a certain North Carolina city and a certain NBA coach who recently found himself out of work, too.

Boys Will Be Boys Stalking Anna
Are there lessons to learn from Mike Price and Larry Eustachy? Maybe. Page 2's Illegal Motion suggests that athletic directors will have to start reading between the lines when they interview coaches. But Jason Whitlock says nothing is likely to change in the Boys Club.
Talk about your tough assignments! Page 2 sent Jeff Merron in search of You-Know-Who at a minor-league tennis tournament in Georgia. In Part 1 of his series on The Quest for Anna, he lays the groundwork. Hey, it's a dirty job, but Jeff had to do it. Or risk his marriage trying.

The Daily Quickie says it isn't enough anymore for celebrities to just watch the games. With the NBA playoffs in full swing, Justin Timberlake is getting *N Sync with a media credential. Plus, get the Quickie's take on Moose, Jeet and soon-to-be ex-Met Robbie Alomar.

So, a couple of college coaches sampled the local nightlife. What's the big deal? Athletes and coaches have been hitting the town for decades. To prove it, we give you Page 2's list of the biggest sports party animals of all-time:

10]  Billy Martin
Billy lived in ballparks and bars, and brawled frequently in both venues. "It's not that Billy drinks a lot," wrote Dick Young. "It's just that he fights a lot when he drinks a little."
9]  Max McGee
The aging, seldom used receiver took in the L.A. scene the night before the Packers played the Chiefs in Super Bowl I. But when Vince Lombardi called his number he delivered with seven catches for 138 yards and two TDs.
8]  Hollywood Henderson
Cocaine. On and off the field. Now a recovered drug addict, Henderson admitted that he often played high, like when, during Super Bowl XIII, he tucked an inhaler of liquefied cocaine inside his uni.

Thursday Pistons 1 Sixers 182
Thursday Kings Mavericks 209½
Friday Celtics 3 Nets 185
Friday Lakers Spurs 188½
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In-game haircuts might be frowned upon, but Page 2's Jim Armstrong reveals baseball's secret code of clubhouse conduct.

Your heart wants to give Larry Eustachy and Mike Price a second chance. Page 2's Eric Neel points out that you can't always give one.

Can't a man relax? Page 2's Nick Bakay compares the troubles of Larry Eustachy and Mike Price.

Amid his first week of marital bliss, the Good Doctor still found time to mix a little hoop with his honeymoon.

Just how bad are the Detroit Tigers? Page 2's Brian Murphy tries to answer that ugly question.

After five months on the Left Coast, The Sports Guy still can't get used to watching sports the minute he rolls out of bed.
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We're feeling Minnesota with this match: Wild goalie Manny Fernandez, left, and Twins pitcher Eric Milton. This match ws suggested by Zach Johnson of Pasadena, Calif. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo for Page 2.

NBA Playoffs: 76ers at Pistons
7 p.m. ET, ESPN
Detroit searching for answer to A.I.
Soccer: USA Men's Team vs. Mexico
8 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Aww, c'mon. Aren't you tired of all these playoffs?
NBA Playoffs: Kings at Mavericks
9:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Dallas hopes to find Big D at home.
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