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All's right with the world, now that Page 2 knows how Ms. Kournikova spends her spare time at a tennis tournament. Here's a hint for all you people in those Anna chat rooms: You never know who might be listening in. And in case you still wonder about such things, we answer the burning question about her bra: Padded, or not?

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Boston might be down by two games to New Jersey, but Page 2 says the Celtics might still have some life left in them. That's assuming they pay attention to Charley Rosen's fix-all plan. Of course, if one of the game's best fourth-quarter scorers doesn't show some fourth-quarter heart, all bets are off.

Tuesday Morning QB Style Points
Surprised the Wizards drove off MJ the other day? Gregg Easterbrook wasn't. He has seen it before from one of the NBA's least successful franchises. This particular blunder is egregious enough to turn Tuesday Morning Quarterback into a Friday Morning Shooting Guard.
Whether it's Kobe's confidence, Ben's 'fro or the Dark Arts of Paul Pierce, the NBA playoffs are giving us plenty to appreciate these days. Page 2's Eric Neel certainly likes what he sees. Here's his Style Guide to the beauty in the postseason's best players.

You need to treat your mother extra nice this weekend, but the Mavs were hardly nice to the Kings in Game 2. The Daily Quickie suggests this "lock" of a series is now wide open. Also wide open: the wild, wild NHL West, the NL Central and Carmen Electra's possible appearance at the Lakers-Spurs game.

So, a couple of college coaches sampled the local nightlife. What's the big deal? Athletes and coaches have been hitting the town for decades. To prove it, we give you Page 2's list of the biggest sports party animals of all-time:

10]  Billy Martin
Billy lived in ballparks and bars, and brawled frequently in both venues. "It's not that Billy drinks a lot," wrote Dick Young. "It's just that he fights a lot when he drinks a little."
9]  Max McGee
The aging, seldom used receiver took in the L.A. scene the night before the Packers played the Chiefs in Super Bowl I. But when Vince Lombardi called his number he delivered with seven catches for 138 yards and two TDs.
8]  Hollywood Henderson
Cocaine. On and off the field. Now a recovered drug addict, Henderson admitted that he often played high, like when, during Super Bowl XIII, he tucked an inhaler of liquefied cocaine inside his uni.

Friday Celtics 3 Nets 185
Friday Lakers Spurs 188½
Saturday Sixers Pistons 182
Saturday Kings 5 Mavericks 211
Bold indicates home team | Complete line

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Have Bob Ryan, Larry Eustachy and Mike Price ruined it for everyone? Page 2's Tim Keown says church is in session.

In the spirit of "The Junction Boys", Page's 2 Jim Caple got his hands on a script depicting the life of Mike Price. Parental guidance suggested.

Don't act so surprised: strip clubs, alcohol and pursuing younger women are part of the college sports culture, writes Jason Whitlock.

Michael Jordan is known as the Babe Ruth of basketball. Now that he's not playing, Page 2's Ralph Wiley hopes that changes.

In-game haircuts might be frowned upon, but Page 2's Jim Armstrong reveals baseball's secret code of clubhouse conduct.

Can't a man relax? Page 2's Nick Bakay compares the troubles of Larry Eustachy and Mike Price.
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It's Kings big man Scot Pollard, left, and actor Billy Zane of "Titanic" fame. This match was requested by David Reidy and Jamie Sholem of Providence R.I. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

NBA Playoffs: Nets at Celtics
8 p.m. ET, TNT
Could be the last game in Boston for awhile.
Monday Night Baseball
10 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Braves at Dodgers.
NHL Playoffs: Ducks at Wild
7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Anaheim one up in this wild thing.
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