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Conspiracy theories keep buzzing around the Lakers-Spurs series. Does the NBA really want L.A. in the finals again? What's actually at stake in the Tim Duncan-Shaquille O'Neal matchup? What do Kobe Bryant and Frank Sinatra have in common? Through it all, the Lakers continue to be the team that won't go away. Here's how they're doing it. ROSEN: L.A. STORY

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When it came to identifying talent as sweet as the swing of Rafael Palmeiro, nobody was better than the late Sam Lacy. That's how a young and impressionable Ralph Wiley first learned to appreciate Palmeiro. R-Dub's touching tribute to his mentor lends a trace of sadness to the occasion of Palmeiro's milestone home run.

The Water Cooler The Daily Quickie
Page 2's Brian Murphy wants to throw a party for the newest member of the 500-home-run club, but isn't sure what to serve. The Weekend Water Cooler wants to know how to celebrate one of baseball's least-interesting landmarks. Plus, why is Jack Nicholson turning into Everyman?
What's tougher, winning "Survivor" like Jenna Morasca, or surviving the Spurs after falling into an 0-2 series deficit? The Daily Quickie eats some crow after the Lakers show their reign isn't over. Also: Raffy's 500th, a Derby Scandal and a salute to ... "Three's Company."

Page 2 sent its crack investigative team in search of Anna Kournikova. A thigh injury kept Ms. K from making it through last weekend's tournament, but Jeff Merron's pursuit and ultimate discovery was well worth the effort.

So, a couple of college coaches sampled the local nightlife. What's the big deal? Athletes and coaches have been hitting the town for decades. To prove it, we give you Page 2's list of the biggest sports party animals of all-time:

10]  Billy Martin
Billy lived in ballparks and bars, and brawled frequently in both venues. "It's not that Billy drinks a lot," wrote Dick Young. "It's just that he fights a lot when he drinks a little."
9]  Max McGee
The aging, seldom used receiver took in the L.A. scene the night before the Packers played the Chiefs in Super Bowl I. But when Vince Lombardi called his number he delivered with seven catches for 138 yards and two TDs.
8]  Hollywood Henderson
Cocaine. On and off the field. Now a recovered drug addict, Henderson admitted that he often played high, like when, during Super Bowl XIII, he tucked an inhaler of liquefied cocaine inside his uni.

Monday Celtics 1 Nets 186
Tuesday Mavericks Kings 218½
Tuesday Spurs 3 Lakers 192½
Wednesday Pistons Sixers 182½
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It's another May and another year for the Good Doctor to live and die by the NBA playoffs.

The NBA playoffs are all about winning, but Page 2's Eric Neel salutes eight guys who are able to win with a little style.

Even though the Wizards are a laughingstock, Page 2's Gregg Easterbrook asks are they really better off without Michael Jordan?

Could covering Anna Kournikova's trip to the minors get any better for Page 2's Jeff Merron? Yes it can.

Have Bob Ryan, Larry Eustachy and Mike Price ruined it for everyone? Page 2's Tim Keown says church is in session.

In the spirit of "The Junction Boys", Page's 2 Jim Caple got his hands on a script depicting the life of Mike Price. Parental guidance suggested.
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NBA Playoffs: Nets at Celtics
8 p.m. ET, TNT
Could be the last game in Boston for awhile.
Monday Night Baseball
10 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Braves at Dodgers.
NHL Playoffs: Ducks at Wild
7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Anaheim one up in this wild thing.
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