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Now we know why the rest of the field at the Colonial is behaving with such decorum as they tee it up alongside Annika Sorenstam this week. It's the gentle touch that Miss Manners brings to the Tour. Page 2 digs deep into its investigative resources to bring you the Doyenne of Decency's internal memo on Polite Society for duffers.

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Sssshhh! What's that noise? Could it be your conscience? Nagging you about your sports gambling habit? Well, rest easy. Page 2's Jim Caple shares his preview copy of William Bennett's soon-to-be-published "Sports Book ... of Virtues." Who better to guide you through the moral dilemma of your Belmont Stakes exacta?

Illegal Motion The Daily Quickie
Just when you thought it was safe to watch golf ... along comes Annika Sorenstam and the Colonial. But never fear. As soon as you pass Randall Polliard's Illegal Motion quiz, you'll be on top of your game.
The Daily Quickie wants to know how many Mavs' coaches need to get 86ed before Evan Eschmeyer gets to diagram the plays. Plus, could a shoe deal be next for Ruben Studdard, America's newest Idol?

Page 2's Charley Rosen says if the Pistons are going to get back into their series against the Nets, coach Rick Carlisle needs to un-do the damage he caused when he benched Michael Curry in Game 2.

A little more than six months after the Angels won the World Series, the Ducks are just four wins away from the Stanley Cup. Sometimes, the sports stars just seem to align over one city, resulting in one delicious year for local sports fans. What makes a great year? You tell us. We give you Page 2's greatest sports years in history:

10]  Cleveland (1954)
The Indians won a then-record 111 games, the Brown won the NFL title with a 56-10 victory and Ohio State was national football champs.
9]  New York (1986-87)
Still basking in the glow of the Mets win over the Red Sox in the World Series, New York fans had more to celebrate when LT and the Giants won the Super Bowl a few months later.
8]  Los Angeles (1988)
The Lakers won their second title in as many years to be the first back-to-back NBA champs in almost 20 years. Not to be outdone, the Dodgers were another team of destiny, downing the A's in five games to win the World Series.

Thursday Nets Pistons 179
Friday Mavericks Spurs 208
Bold indicates home team | Complete line

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LeBron's future won't be decided at the draft lottery. So when will it? Page 2's Dan Shanoff is more than happy to tell you

Annika isn't the first woman to compete in a manly way. Who could forget Marcia Brady, Chyna or Yentl?

Even though the Good Doctor isn't seeing the good basketball he wants, there's always his old standby -- gambling.

There's one thing that will always separate Annika Sorenstam from the PGA Tour, according to Page 2's Jim Caple. She's not a whiner.

Even though we're only a few months in, Page 2's Jim Armstrong offers his candidates for jerk of the century.
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It's LPGA/PGAer Annika Sorenstam, left, and Maura Tierney (aka ER's Abby Lockhart) We've received 19 requests for this match. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo for Page 2.

PGA Golf: The Colonial
4:00 p.m. ET, USA
Annika tries to make the cut.
NHL Playoffs: Devils at Senators
7 p.m. ET, ESPN
One goes on, one goes home.
NBA Playoffs: Spurs at Mavericks
9:30 p.m. ET, TNT
Teams and refs gather for Game 3.
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