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The way Richard Jefferson played in Game 1 had Ralph Wiley suffering through a case of Multiple Personality Disorder. And until the Nets get RJ back in sync, Ralph won't be the only one with an identity crisis. Somebody needs to bring Mr. Jefferson out of his fog and into the light, or else the end is near for New Jersey.

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Page 2's Eric Neel went looking for silver linings in the Great Sammy Sosa Corked Bat Scandal, and found everything except dark clouds. In fact, Major League Baseball ought to be sending hearts and flowers in Sosa's direction, because "Sammygate" put the game right back in its proper place on center stage.

Do Men Fear WNBA? The Daily Quickie's Graham Hays offers up a counterpoint to Page 2's column earlier this week that dissed the WNBA. Hey, with players like Sue Bird to watch, why in the world are we so afraid of women's pro hoops?
Like the late Tammy Wynette, the Daily Quickie will "Stand By Your Man" when it comes to Sammy Sosa. Plus, the David Robinson Revival Show and Jeff Van Gundy's flirtatious nature.

The way the Stanley Cup Finals started was no laughing matter for Jean-Sebastien Giguere, but Randall Polliard's Illegal Motion cartoon wonders who's laughing now?

We've already given you the best sports years for an individual city, but let's not forget about when things weren't going so well. Page 2 presents the worst years that a single metropolis has endured:

10]  Washington (1961)
The nation's capital had only two pro sports teams in 1961: the 1-12-1 Redskins and the 61-100 Senators.
9]  Detroit (1979)
Dickie V's Pistons went 30-52. The Lions were 2-14. And the Red Wings finished with an abysmal 23-41-16 record, leaving the Tigers as the only bright spot at 85-76 -- 18½ out of first.
8]  New York (1987)
Here's what being the biggest sports market in the world gets you: nine major league teams. Here's where it got you in 1987: one playoff appearance and a whole lot of last places -- five, to be exact.

Thursday Devils 1 Mighty Ducks
Friday Spurs Nets 187½
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While NFL fans long for the next chance to see their team in action, TMQ offers a morsel to pass the time.

The 2003 NBA Finals might not post huge ratings, but Page 2's Bill Simmons expects it to be a great show.

How would the movies be if they took the same approach as Sosa? Page 2's Jim Caple has the answers.

Page 2's Stacey Pressman loves women's sports, but she's still not buying the WNBA.

On the eve of the NBA Finals, Charley Rosen breaks down the matchup.
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It's 76er Keith Van Horn, left, and Simon of MTV's latest, Real World: Paris. This match was requested by 17 Page 2 readers. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo for Page 2.

Tennis: French Open Semifinal
1 p.m. ET, ESPN
Albert Costa vs. Juan Carlos Ferrero
MLB: Pirates at Braves
7:30 p.m. ET, TBS
Brothers Giles square off.
NBA Finals: Nets at Spurs
8:30 p.m. ET, ABC
Game 2, Nets better nab one.
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