Ali Contest
Not so fast, Mr. Kutcher. Sure, you're dating Demi. And yes, you walloped Luke Wilson and spanked Kevin Costner. But with the quarterfinals starting today, your competition gets a whole lot tougher. Do you really think you're more overrated than Jimmy Fallon? Page 2 readers will make that call, as we get down to the Elite Eight.

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Now that the White Sox have added the grumpy Carl Everett and the aging Roberto Alomar for their run at the AL Central title, the Daily Quickie wants to know who's next. John Rocker? Albert Belle? Plus, the Quickie has three sure ways for Wimbledon to score big in the weekend ratings game: Roddick, Venus and Serena.

Woods vs. Woods Streetball Party
They share a last name, so why shouldn't Legally Blonde 2's Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) feel free to hold forth on all things Tiger? Page 2's Dan Shanoff takes you inside the mind of America's ditziest golf fan.
He was spirited away in an Escalade and taken to a secret hideaway wiith the finest women, the finest booze and the finest streetball around. Page 2's Eric Neel parties on at Nike's 1-on-1 tournament.

Tough call for Mike Vick: Give up the Super Bowl dream, or give up the ChapStick? Page 2 gets virtual with Mr. Vick's obsession about Madden 2003 and other critical issues in 10 Burning Questions.

Last week, we gave you our list of most overrated current athletes. This week, we give you the most overrated athletes of all time:

10]  Apolo Ohno
Ohno already deserves a spot in SI's "Where are they now?" issue. A couple of questions: Why was he an SI cover boy last year?
9]  O.J. Simpson
Simpson had one incredible year, and two other great ones. But if you check out his career stats, what you'll find is five fine seasons and six so-so ones.
8]  Pete Rose
He's got the most hits in baseball history, but that doesn't make him the greatest hitter in baseball history, as many casual fans believe. Rose kept himself in the game for five years after he should have retired.

Yankees 5-1   A's 10-1
Braves 6-1   Cubs 12-1
Mariners 7-1   Twins 12-1
Giants 8-1   Cardinals 15-1
Red Sox 8-1   Astros 15-1
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Thanking God is one thing, but if you think the almighty plays a direct role in sports TMQ says keep on praying.

Why not celebrity boxing? Anything would be more interesting than these lopsided heavyweight bouts.

Page 2's Brian Murphy loves Eric Byrnes and red-ass Jack McKeon. But he's a little old to love Maria Sharapova ... isn't he?

Don't call it a comeback, the Sports Guy's been here for years so sit back and enjoy another NBA Draft diary.

Eric Neel gives a sneek peek at what he'll say to the Class of '03 when they come in for Page 2's NBA orientation.
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It's the newest Atlanta Hawk, Travis Hansen, 8th pick of the 2nd Round (37 overall), left, and rap phenom Eminem. This match was requested by 30 of our Page 2 readers. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo for Page 2.

Wimbledon: Raincheck
11 a.m. ET, ESPN
Grosjean vs. Henman
MLB: Giants at Cardinals
2 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Bonds vs. Pujols in St. Louis.
LPGA: U.S. Women's Open
4 p.m. ET, ESPN
The teens take to the tees.
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