Ali Contest
Jaws are flapping and stomachs are churning. It's the annual July 4 hot-dog-eating contest, featuring underdog William "Refrigerator" Perry. Page 2's Patrick Hruby masticates on the preparation it takes to snarf 50 barkers, while Eric Neel chews on the inner game of eating. Hey, it's good to be with a wiener.

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BMX racing is a part of the Summer Olympics and Vancouver has secured the 2010 Winter Games. So what's next for the IOC? Page 2's Eric Immerman sneaks a peek at the latest truly-impossible ways the Olympics will test the mettle of the world's best athletes. Ever try to stick a straw into a Capri-Sun Pouch?

The Daily Quickie Drop by the Trop
The Daily Quickie is still reeling from the news that Anna and Enrique may start shopping for pacifiers, burp-cloths and disposable diapers. And Kurt Snibbe's Sportoon takes a look at the latest in Fourth of July fireworks.
It's gray, it's ugly and it's domed. But, hey, Page 2's Jeff Merron finds a silver lining in the dark cloud of the Devil Rays' Tropicana Field. After all, how many other stadiums in our ballpark ratings will score points for the air conditioning?

The drama, the intrigue, the possibilities! It's Vince Carter vs. Anna Kournikova in a mano-a-womano showdown in the quarterfinals of Page 2's Most Overrated Person Alive bracket.

Last week, we gave you our list of most overrated current athletes. This week, we give you the most overrated athletes of all time:

10]  Apolo Ohno
Ohno already deserves a spot in SI's "Where are they now?" issue. A couple of questions: Why was he an SI cover boy last year?
9]  O.J. Simpson
Simpson had one incredible year, and two other great ones. But if you check out his career stats, what you'll find is five fine seasons and six so-so ones.
8]  Pete Rose
He's got the most hits in baseball history, but that doesn't make him the greatest hitter in baseball history, as many casual fans believe. Rose kept himself in the game for five years after he should have retired.

Yankees 5-1   A's 10-1
Braves 6-1   Cubs 12-1
Mariners 7-1   Twins 12-1
Giants 8-1   Cardinals 15-1
Red Sox 8-1   Astros 15-1
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Eric Neel introduces you to a secret party life that would never seem to be a basketball tournament.

Page 2's Dan Shanoff breaks down the similarities between Legally Blonde's Elle Woods and Tiger Woods.

Thanking God is one thing, but if you think the almighty plays a direct role in sports TMQ says keep on praying.

Why not celebrity boxing? Anything would be more interesting than these lopsided heavyweight bouts.

Don't call it a comeback, the Sports Guy's been here for years so sit back and enjoy another NBA Draft diary.
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It's Manchester United striker, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, left, and Jamie from MTVs "Real World: 9." Page 2 has received 13 requests for this match. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

Wimbledon: Men's Semifinals
8 a.m. - Noon ET, ESPN
And then, there will be two.
LPGA: U.S. Open Championship
4 p.m. ET, ESPN
Second round of major quest.
MLB: D'Backs at Dodgers
9 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Big game in the NL West.
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Thursday, July 3, 2003