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Page 2's Gregg Easterbrook sees the way Canadians live and wants it all -- especially that NFL Sunday Ticket package. What could be better than Canada's liberal marijuana laws (which Spicoli would love!) and every Sunday game? So where does Canada get off blaming us for the blackout? Yes, TMQ has issues!

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What happens when Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mike Tyson scrap in a road-rage tussle? It isn't pretty. In fact, it makes Arnold's role as Conan the Barbarian look tame. Fortunately for Page 2's Hunter S. Thompson, it was only a dream. Too bad the Buster Douglas fight and Mike Vick's broken leg were all too real.

Sportoon Train-wreck Football
Page 2's Kurt Snibbe has seen (and heard) some pretty awful renditions of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," but nothin' like Ozzy Osbourne's garbled version at Wrigley Field. Sportoon, thankfully, is here with a translation.
Page 2's Tim Keown says the NFL is missing a marketing bonanza if it keeps playing "meaningless" exhibitions. The Mike Vick injury is proof positive of the import of these games. Why not capitalize on them?

The Daily Quickie can see it now: Rocket Roger bending down from the top spot on the platform as the IOC president places the gold medal around his neck next summer in Athens. Plus, bending Beckham into animation.

Ted Williams is now more splintered than splendid, thanks to his son, John Henry. While the story of the Hall of Famer is gruesome enough, it does make John Henry an easy No. 1 for our list of sports' most harmful relatives.

10]  Roy Turner (Joey's father)
Joey was an ace Little League hurler with big-league potential. Too bad dad was such a bully.
9]  Mike Brown (Paul's son)
The legendy Paul Brown was one of football great innovators with the Cleveland Browns and then as owner of the Cincinnati Bengals. His son Mike now runs the Bengals .. runs them into the ground, year after year, that is.
8]  Peter Graf (Steffi's father)
Peter went to prison for almost four years after being convicted of tax evasion on $10 million of Steffi's earnings.

Yankees 7-2   Phillies 10-1
Braves 5-1   Mariners 11-1
Red Sox 7-1   White Sox 15-1
Giants 7-1   Astros 16-1
Athletics 9-1   Cardinals 18-1
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It would take a lot more than a power outage to dampen the spirits of New York City.

Talk about a blackout! Page 2's Brian Murphy spotted a major power outage atop the PGA Championship leaderboard.

The great fans of St. Louis help out Busch Stadium's overall score in Page 2's Ballpark Ratings.

If you're dating, attending a wedding or just want to better your life, Page 2's Bill Simmons is here to help.

Page 2's Nick Bakay compares Mike Ditka and Rafael Palmeiro, the two spokesmen for erectile-dysfunction.
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It's Phillies pitcher Terry Adams, left and John Edwards of SciFi's "Crossing Over." This match was requested by 18 Page 2 readers. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

MLB: Royals at Yankees
1 p.m. ET, ESPN
Bombers look to Gobble up Royals.
Little League World Series
7 p.m. ET, ESPN
Winner advances to U.S. title game.
MLB: Oakland at Boston
7 p.m. ET, ESPN2
A's seek revenge for split in Oakland.
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