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Fair warning to cornerbacks and safeties: You'll be burned by these speedsters before the year is out. Donte Stallworth, Charles Rogers, Cedrick Wilson, Koren Robinson ... they're fast, they're young, they're in a hurry and there are more on the way. Ralph Wiley says rookies like Rogers and Andre Johnson are the league's newest wave.

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In this case, the tough crowd is you, and the man charged with entertaining you is Colin Quinn, host of Comedy Central's hit show "Tough Crowd." He's up to the task, of course, as Page 2's Eric Neel tries to burn him with questions about Martha Stewart, Sammy Sosa, Hillary Clinton, Jason Kidd, sports taboos and more.

Ballpark Tour The Daily Quickie
Jim Caple says baseball never smells better than it does in Tailgating Heaven at Miller Park. Page 2's Ballpark Tour stops in Milwaukee, where the aroma of the game itself isn't always so sweet.
The Daily Quickie watched Cory Bernard pull a Reggie Jackson in the Little League World Series and has a Reggie-like nickname for Arizona's slugger. Plus, a Kobe update and NCAA party parity.

Tuesday Morning Quarterback casts a covetous eye at all things Canadian, including Edmonton Eskimo cheer-babe Roison. Yep, life is good up north. So why do they always blame the U.S.?

Ted Williams is now more splintered than splendid, thanks to his son, John Henry. While the story of the Hall of Famer is gruesome enough, it does make John Henry an easy No. 1 for our list of sports' most harmful relatives.

10]  Roy Turner (Joey's father)
Joey was an ace Little League hurler with big-league potential. Too bad dad was such a bully.
9]  Mike Brown (Paul's son)
The legendy Paul Brown was one of football great innovators with the Cleveland Browns and then as owner of the Cincinnati Bengals. His son Mike now runs the Bengals .. runs them into the ground, year after year, that is.
8]  Peter Graf (Steffi's father)
Peter went to prison for almost four years after being convicted of tax evasion on $10 million of Steffi's earnings.

Yankees 7-2   Phillies 10-1
Braves 5-1   Mariners 11-1
Red Sox 7-1   White Sox 15-1
Giants 7-1   Astros 16-1
Athletics 9-1   Cardinals 18-1
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Who caused the blackout? And how will your AFC team fare this season? Get TMQ's unique views here.

The Good Doctor relives two nightmares. Unfortunately, only one was a dream..

"The List" says Mike Vick's broken leg opens up a whole new marketing world for the NFL.

It would take a lot more than a power outage to dampen the spirits of New York City.

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PGA: WGC-NEC Invitational
1 p.m. ET, ESPN
Lots of letters and lots of dollars.
Little League World Series
7 p.m. ET, ESPN
Winner advances to U.S. title game.
WNBA: Cleveland at Detroit
8 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Bill Laimbeer's girls aren't bad.
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