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Location, location, location. That's ultimately what determines how we view sports. Was Gonzo's World Series-winning single in 2001 a blooper or a frozen rope? Was Fisk's 1975 body-language home run the greatest baseball moment ever or a sidebar to Cincinnati's World Series win? Page 2 spells out our differences.

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Football is violent. No news there. But should that excuse the Bill Romanowski punch that broke the orbital bone of Marcus Williams, one of Romo's teammates? Former player Alan Grant says the usual code doesn't apply once the the uniforms go on. Conflict resolution is a mano a mano proposition.

The Daily Quickie Ballpark Tour
Only from the mind of the Daily Quickie: the five-way tie in the National League wild-card race is just like Thursday night's Britney-Madonna smooch. Plus, Mickelson as a minor-league flinger.
Jim Caple says the brand-spanking new Great American Ballpark hasn't been the panacea for the Reds that a still-active Ted Kluzsewski could provide. Page 2's Ballpark Tour stops in Cincinnati.

We wanted him to wrap up our East Coast Bias Week, but Jim Caple was distracted by "The Honeymooners," "Friends," "Seinfeld" and the other New York shows the networks feed us.

Does East Coast Bias exist? YES ...

10]  "Nails"
Lenny Dykstra "wrote" this book two years into his mediocre big-league career. You think somebody in Seattle or Denver or Minneapolis wanted to read that book?
9]  Stan Musial vs. Ted Williams
While Williams' stature grew through the years, the image of Musial has faded because he didn't play in Boston or New York

... NO ...

10]  Sports movies
Take a look at popular sports movies: Seabiscuit (West Coast horse); The Rookie (pitcher from Texas); Blue Crush (surf girls from Hawaii).
9]  College football voting
Of the All-Time AP College Football Top 20, only three of the top 10 can be considered "East Coast," and those only marginally -- Alabama (really more South than East), Tennessee (ditto), and Penn State.

Sat. Noon Wisconsin W Virginia 51½
Sat. Noon Georgia 3 Clemson 48½
Sat. 3:30 Nebraska 8 Okla. State 53
Sat. 6 p.m. Auburn USC 44½
Sat. 8 p.m. Ohio St 9 Washington 47
All Times ET | Bold indicates home team
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With the firing of Isiah Thomas, Page 2's Jason Whitlock says the heat is on Larry Bird and his ego.

Page 2's Jeff Merron compares Seabiscuit's real life to Seabiscuit's reel life.

After seeing Ms. Kournikova in action off the court, here's the thought for the day: It's time to drop the Anna-mosity.

TMQ's NFC preview kicks off with some big-name advice for the team in the nation's capital.

Page 2's Bill Simmons says ESPN's "Playmakers" is worth watching, but several flaws keep it from being a great show.
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It's K.C. outfielder Raul Ibanez, left, and Tom Morello, guitarist for Audioslave (formerly of Rage Against the Machine). Page 2 has received 12 requests for this match. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo for Page 2.

MLB: Red Sox at Phillies
1 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Sox need every win they can get.
NCF: TCU vs. Tulane
8 p.m. ET, ESPN
Horned Frogs at Green Wave.
USA Women's Soccer
11 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Leading ladies vs. Costa Rica. in L.A.
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