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The Good Doctor says the Shane Mosley-Oscar de la Hoya fight proves that the evil, ugly nature of today's professional boxing has duped America long enough, especially now that it's starting to make even pro football look pure. And then there's the Yankees and the president, who both continue to prove what big money can do.

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The Daily Quickie says bulletin-board fodder doesn't matter if you walk the walk after you talk the talk -- and Baltimore's Jamal Lewis proved it by predicting his NFL single-game rushing record. Plus, a double-whammy in St. Louis: LaRussa puts the "lame" in lament, while Martz still doesn't get it.

Life on the Mississippi Breakups of the Week
'tis the season for scoreboard-watching, and Jim Caple's trip down the Mississippi takes him to the best place on earth for September's favorite pastime: Busch Stadium. And when you're this close, you've gotta get to Graceland.
What's a dedicated journalist to do in the face of the devastating news that J-Lo and Ben are on the outs? How 'bout Stifler's stifled sports career? And what Washington Redskin got jilted by Vivica A. Fox? Miki Turner knows.

Just in case the Cubs and White Sox don't make it to the playoffs, Brian Murphy's Weekend Water Cooler has these comforting words for Chi-town: You'll always have Kordell. Plus, Johnny "The Snake" Cash?

So who are your Rookies of the Year? Do you take Hideki Matsui or Rocco Baldelli in the American League? How do you choose from among Dontrelle Willis, Brandon Webb and Scott Podsednik in the NL? And are any of them having the kind of year that measures up to the performances on our list of the greatest rookie baseball seasons of all time?

10]  Ichiro Suzuki (Mariners, 2001)
Forget the argument about his real rookie status. Ichiro electrified baseball, winning everything in sight. In addition to Rookie of the Year, he won the AL MVP, the league batting title and was the leading vote-getter in the All-Star Game.
9]  Jackie Robinson (Dodgers, 1947)
Pretty solid numbers (.297, 12 home runs, 48 RBI and a league-leading 29 stolen bases) and a Brooklyn pennant certainly helped, but Robinson won the Rookie of the Year award and finished fifth in MVP voting because he changed everything in baseball.
8]  Frank Robinson (Reds, 1956)
Robinson wasn't even on the Reds' spring roster that season, but he was an All-Star by July and a unanimous Rookie of the Year by the end of September. That's what 38 home runs, 83 RBI and a .290 batting average will do for you.

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Sunday Bucs Falcons 35½
Sunday Seahawks 3 Rams 47½
Sunday Dolphins 3 Bills 41
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Saturday Florida Tennessee NL
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Take it from The Sports Guy -- college is about making memories, not making grades.

Page 2's Ralph Wiley says the Jets might be better off with Joe Namath over Vinny Testaverde at quarterback.

Page 2's Jim Caple found high school football and Mark Twain alive and well in Hannibal, Mo.

After taking the Ballpark Tour, Page 2's Eric Neel dreams up the perfect stadium.

Say it ain't so! It's so! TMQ got to hang on the sidelines with the Philadelphia Eagles' mega-babe cheerleaders.
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MLB: Marlins at Phillies
7 p.m. ET, ESPN
Wildness ensues in wild-card race.
MLB: D-Backs at Dodgers
10 p.m. ET, ESPN
It's not just for insomniacs anymore.
MLB: White Sox at Twins
8 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Homer hankies host home-run hitters.
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Monday, Sept. 15, 2003