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He laid out the Packers' Chad Clifton and he turned Jerry Rice into a mortal. He taunts everybody, including young David Carr. And he hasn't shown the first sign of remorse. But does that make big Warren Sapp a bad guy? Ralph Wiley says the league's best defensive player simply metes out the sort of frontier justice it takes to survive.

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The Sports Guy's NFL picks are back and better than ever. Which isn't saying much since the last time he tried this, his winning percentage went to the . . . umm, dogs. Still, Page 2's Bill Simmons is nothing if not relentless. And isn't Week Four the perfect time to capitalize on those "Kathleen Turner Season" teams?

All-Page 2 Team Illegal Motion
Cy Young Award? MVP? Sure, those are nice. But the truly significant achievement is a berth on the coveted All-Page 2 Team, and Dontrelle Willis has the right stuff. Our Eric Neel doles out the hardware.
Why wait 'til next year? Illegal Motion's magic crystal eight-ball has answers to all your offseason baseball questions right now. Page 2's Randall Polliard makes it easy to predict the future.

The Daily Quickie knows how Theo Epstein engineered the Red Sox into the playoffs: He never hung up the phone. Now about that vote of confidence for Grady Little . . . Plus, nosy stoop ladies at the Olympics.

We're just through Week 3, but that doesn't mean we can't start talking about the NFL's top rookie. Is it Arizona's Anquan Boldin? Seattle's Ken Hamlin? Maybe Green Bay's Nick Barnett? Make your case, but be sure to measure your favorite rookie up against the players on our list of the NFL's greatest rookies of all time.

10]  Randy Moss (Vikings, 2001)
His teammate, the veteran Cris Carter, said the kid Minnesota chose with the 21st pick in the first round "could be Michael Jordan." Was Moss that good? He scored 17 TDs on 69 catches for 1,313 yards in his first season.
9]  Gale Sayers (Bears, 1965)
After Sayers scored six TDs on 336 total yards against San Francisco in one game during his rookie season, 49er quarterback Y.A. Tittle said, "I just wonder how many he would've scored if we hadn't set up our defenses to stop him."
8]  Dan Marino (Dolphins, 1983)
So much for easing into the league. In his first pro start (Game 6), Marino completed 19-of-29 for 322 yards and three TDs. He still holds the record for the highest passer rating as a rookie.

Saturday Michigan 34 Indiana NL
Saturday Tennessee 16 So. Carolina NL
Saturday Pittsburgh 1 Texas A&M 50
Saturday Purdue 10 Notre Dame 43½
Sunday Bills 3 Eagles 41
Sunday Steelers 3 Titans 44
Sunday Panthers 6 Falcons 36
Monday Packers 34 Bears 41½
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Page 2 visits the best places in college football, this time high above Army's Michie Stadium.

TMQ has learned this: don't run the ball after throwing an incompletion on first down!

Sandwiches, coffee and some Bird. The Sports Guy's mailbag will satisfy your hunger.

Who was worse? The '03 Tigers or the '62 Mets? We size 'em up once and for all.

Page 2's Stacey Pressman wants her men back and the metrosexual trend to come to an end.
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It's Okllahoma coach Bob Stoops, left, and Astros' third baseman Morgan Ensberg. This match was requested by 35 Page 2 readers. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

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3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Terrell Owens dishes his highs & lows.
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7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Recap Sunday's action, talk MNF.
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9 p.m. ET, ABC
Favre and Urlacher go toe-to-toe.
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