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What were we thinking? We sent Kieran Darcy into a game of pool against former Playmate of the Year Jenny McCarthy, fully expecting him to uphold Page 2's honor. And what happens? Let's just say it's a good thing for Kieran that he wasn't playing "strip" pool. Next time, the editor takes this assignment!

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Wrung out by baseball's playoff thrill-o-rama, Page 2's Eric Neel wondered if he could work up enthusiasm for the start of the NBA season. Then he remembered Allen Iverson. And Jason Kidd. And Yao Ming. And Alonzo Mourning and Tracy McGrady and everything that makes hoops so great.

Makin' It Better Illegal Motion
They just can't seem to leave well-enough alone. They always have to tinker with their look. So you tell us: Did the NBA and NHL teams sporting new uniforms this year make 'em better or worse? Vote now.
We've studied the Bowl Championship Series ratings until we're blue in the face and cross-eyed, and we still can't figure them out. Fortunately, Illegal Motion explains it all with a BCS Computer for Dummies.

The Daily Quickie says the Lakers' brain trust has one way out of this Kobe-Shaq spat: Trade Kobe, before it's too late. And how does the bad blood in La-La Land compare to Great Sports Feuds of the past?

The Marlins' Jack McKeon just won a nearly-inconceivable World Series with some daring juggling in his rotation and a deft touch in the clubhouse. But does McKeon's work measure up to the greatest coaching of all time in a game or series??

10]  Jesse Harper "Invents" the Forward Pass
Harper, Notre Dame's coach, used it extensively for the first time against mighty Army in 1913. Behind QB Gus Dorais and end Knute Rockne, the Irish romped 31-13.
9]  Coach K Befuddles the Runnin' Rebs
In the 1991 NCAA semifinals, Duke's Mike Krzyzewski attacked UNLV inside with Christian Laettner and double-teamed Larry Johnson on defense to upset the 34-0 Rebs.
8]  Mayo Smith Moves Stanley to Short
As he prepared to play the Cardinals in the 1968 World Series, the Tigers' Smith had four outfielders and a weak-hitting shortstop at his disposal. He gambled that centerfielder Mickey Stanley could play short, and won.

Sunday Giants 2 Jets 47½
Sunday Bucs 8 Saints 39
Sunday Cowboys Redskins 37½
Monday Broncos 2 Patriots 36
Saturday Michigan 4 Michigan St. NL
Saturday USC 11 Wash. State NL
Saturday Ohio State Penn State NL
Saturday Oklahoma 16 Oklahoma St. NL
Saturday Miami Virginia Tech NL
Saturday Texas Nebraska NL

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Kobe, lecturing people on handling situations gracefully? "The List" finds that hard to fathom.

Page 2's Hunter S. Thompson says even with the baseball season over, we stand no chance against sports.

With the regular season ready to tip off, here's what's sizzling and fizzling in the NBA.

The Red Sox and Cubs were denied, but at least the Marlins' long drought has finally ended.

After a summer of NBA TV and ESPN Classic, Bill Simmons wonders where is the NBA of old?
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It's a "Here's Looking at You" classic: Los Angeles guard Kobe Bryant and Memphis rookie Troy Bell. This match was not requested by Jerry West. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

NHL: St. Louis at Detroit
7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Chris Osgood returns for revenge.
NBA: Orlando at New York
8 p.m. ET, ESPN
The Dikembe Mutombo era begins.
NBA: Cleveland at Sacramento
10:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
The Kings' court hosts King James.
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Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2003