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Page 2's Bill Simmons has so much to say about KG, Slick Nick, Carmelo and the upcoming season that it'll take three days to get it all said. The Sports Guy's three-part series starts with a look at the "Why Couldn't We Be In the East?" teams . . . those Western Conference have-nots who might be playoff contendors anywhere else.

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Maybe this marriage can be saved, after all. For the time being, Shaq and Kobe appear to have buried the hatchet somewhere besides in each other's back. But how? Page 2's Graham Hays eavesdrops on the critical session with a Couples Counselor that finally smoothed things over in La-la Land.

Daring Young Woman LeDaily LeQuickie
They promised to be gentle, but they had Whitney Casey screaming in ecstasy, anyway. (Not that kind of ecstacy.) We're talking about the flying trapeze, and what it taught Whitney about herself.
How big is LeBron James' NBA debut? It's so big that we're presenting a special-edition, All-LeBron LeDaily LeQuickie. Here it is: the endorsements, the hype, the bandwagon. 'Le-Q' it up now.

Didn't get enough Quickie with our LeBron Edition? Here's today's regularly-scheduled version, including Trader Jack's fall from grace a year from now. Plus, the first head rolls in Yankee-dom.

The expectations are there. Now all LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Darko Milicic have to do is live up to them. Shouldn't be tough, right? But even at their very best, will they measure up to the young stars on our list of the best NBA rookies ever??

10]  Shaquille O'Neal, Orlando Magic, 1992-93
At 20 years old, Shaq became the first rookie to be named Player of the Week in his first week in the NBA, and he was the first rookie to start the All-Star Game since Micheal Jordan in 1985.
9]  David Robinson, San Antonio Spurs, 1989-90
The Admiral came into the NBA after two years in the Navy. The layoff didn't hurt. He finished in the league's top 10 in scoring (24.3 points per game), rebounds (12) and blocked shots (3.89).
8]  Magic Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers, 1979-80
Any other rookie point guards you can think of who could take over for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at center in the Finals and score 42 points and grab 15 rebounds? Didn't think so.

Sunday Giants 2 Jets 47½
Sunday Bucs 8 Saints 39
Sunday Cowboys Redskins 37½
Monday Broncos 2 Patriots 36
Saturday Michigan 4 Michigan St. NL
Saturday USC 11 Wash. State NL
Saturday Ohio State Penn State NL
Saturday Oklahoma 16 Oklahoma St. NL
Saturday Miami Virginia Tech NL
Saturday Texas Nebraska NL

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Does Jack McKeon make the list of greatest coaching or managing in one game, series or tournament?

Forget those fall cleanup projects. Page 2's Eric Neel has 20 reasons he'll be tuning in to the NBA.

Kobe, lecturing people on handling situations gracefully? "The List" finds that hard to fathom.

With the regular season ready to tip off, here's what's sizzling and fizzling in the NBA.

The Red Sox and Cubs were denied, but at least the Marlins' long drought has finally ended.
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College Football: Boise State at BYU
7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Boise State put up 77 last week.
NHL: Philadelphia at New Jersey
8 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Brodeur sucks Flyers into swamp.
NBA: Denver at Houston
8 p.m. ET, TNT
You saw LeBron, now spy Carmelo.
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Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2003