Ali Contest
Just like Hank Stram in the '60s and '70s, Dick Vermeil and speedster Dante Hall are keeping Kansas City ahead of the curve. Put the good feel of the Chiefs' love-fest with the good eats at Gates Barbeque, and Ralph Wiley has himself a road trip he doesn't want to see end. Can K.C. go undefeated? Why not?

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It's hard to imagine now, but it wasn't that long ago that professional athletes would have to step out of uniform and into a butcher's apron just to make ends meet during the offseason. Ira Fritz wonders what would happen if we ran into, say, Mike Piazza behind the poultry counter today.

Now and Then Marathon Man
Is Page 2's Brian Murphy just an old fogey? Or was the NFL really better back in the day when Tom Landry roamed the sidelines? Why doesn't, say, Mike Tice get Murph excited the way he once was about pro football?
Sean "P Diddy" Combs' charity run in the New York Marathon wasn't exactly a whirlwind, but everything else about his participation was. Page 2 huffed, puffed and caught up with him for 10 Burning Questions.

The Daily Quickie knows the Falcons need to make a change, but how badly do they need the Neon of Deion? Can anyone see clearly in the NFL? Plus, the latest on Lance Armstrong's new pedal partner.

Even if Shaq and Kobe are trying to get along this week, their recent public spat won't soon be forgotten. On the Entertainment Scale, it's right up there. But does the Lakers' feud measure up to the bad blood on our list of the most memorable teammate grudges of all time?

10]  Marcus Williams vs. Bill Romanowski
First came the fight during a Raiders' preseason practice, when Romanowski broke Williams' eye socket. Then came the lawsuit, filed by Williams in Alameda County Court. There's more to come in this little dispute.
9]  Michael Westbrook vs. Stephen Davis
Another practice session, another fight. This time, apparently, the fisticuffs had been a long time brewing. Once they began, local TV cameras picked up the brawl so the world could see Westbrook pounding his Redskins' teammate.
8]  Jason Kidd vs. Jim Jackson
Maybe it was because Kidd accused Jackson of selfishness on the court for the Mavericks. Maybe it was because singer Toni Braxton came between them. Either way, Dallas ended up trading both of them in a matter of months.

Sunday Titans 5.5 Dolphins 40
Sunday Bucs 3 Panthers 34
Sunday Cowboys 4 Bills 37
Sunday Jets 3 Raiders 38
Saturday Virginia Tech 4.5 Pittsburgh NL
Saturday Purdue 2.5 Iowa NL
Saturday Texas 3.5 Oklahoma St. NL
Saturday Notre Dame 8.5 Navy NL
Saturday Miami 12.5 Tennessee NL
Saturday Idaho 1.5 Arkansas St. NL

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After taking two days to preview the West, Bill Simmons breezes through the East in Part 3 of his NBA preview.

It's not all about dollar signs. Page 2's Eric Neel says baseball's free agents have their own particular wish lists.

To celebrate Halloween, Page 2 has some ideas on what's scary and what is isn't in sports.

Page 2's Graham Hays watched LeBron's debut and fills us in on the Really Big Details.

What's happened to Kobe? Jason Whitlock says Kobe is another L.A. child star gone wild.

Page 2's Whitney Casey faces her fears above the Big Apple as she suits up for Trapeze School New York.
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In honor of Debra Messing's pregnancy, it's "Will and Grace" star Harry Connick Jr. and Colorado Avalanche center Joe Sakic. This match was requested by 12 Page 2 readers. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

NCF: Louisville at TCU
7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Horned Frogs try to remain unbeaten.
NBA: Nuggets at Cavaliers
8 p.m. ET, ESPN
'Melo meets LeBron, Part I.
NBA: Grizzlies at Blazers
10:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Both teams deeper than Nietzsche.
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Monday, Nov. 3, 2003