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Ralph Wiley learned a long time ago, the hard way, not to underestimate Neon Deion. So when Sanders says he wants to coach the Atlanta Falcons, Ralph takes him seriously. And, if this week's edition of Wiley's NFL Uncensored Thought Balloons is any indication, the rest of the league is paying attention, too.

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First, Page 2's Bill Simmons went with every favorite last week and took a predictable beating. Now his investment in the just-canceled "Skin" goes for naught, too. What's a pigskin prognosticator to do? If you're the Sports Guy, you just think along with Bill Belichick. Plus, Sportoon looks at the NFL's dog days.

The Gipper, Re-visited Regretfully Retiring
It worked 75 years ago, at least if you believe the movie. But would Knute Rockne's "Win One for the Gipper" speech fire up a team today? Page 2's Jim Caple says the ol' pep talk needs some updating.
The great Boston Bruin Bobby Orr retired 25 years ago this weekend ... with the Chicago Blackhawks. Not the way we'd choose to leave. Page 2's David Schoenfield lists our Top 10 Career-Ending Regrets.

The Daily Quickie can't wait for the Great Debates about next week's baseball awards, especially since the veteran Hideki Matsui is a cinch to be Rookie of the Year. Plus, Spurrier, LeBron and the Lakers.

Even if Shaq and Kobe are trying to get along this week, their recent public spat won't soon be forgotten. On the Entertainment Scale, it's right up there. But does the Lakers' feud measure up to the bad blood on our list of the most memorable teammate grudges of all time?

10]  Marcus Williams vs. Bill Romanowski
First came the fight during a Raiders' preseason practice, when Romanowski broke Williams' eye socket. Then came the lawsuit, filed by Williams in Alameda County Court. There's more to come in this little dispute.
9]  Michael Westbrook vs. Stephen Davis
Another practice session, another fight. This time, apparently, the fisticuffs had been a long time brewing. Once they began, local TV cameras picked up the brawl so the world could see Westbrook pounding his Redskins' teammate.
8]  Jason Kidd vs. Jim Jackson
Maybe it was because Kidd accused Jackson of selfishness on the court for the Mavericks. Maybe it was because singer Toni Braxton came between them. Either way, Dallas ended up trading both of them in a matter of months.

Sunday Titans 5.5 Dolphins 40
Sunday Bucs 3 Panthers 34
Sunday Cowboys 4 Bills 37
Sunday Jets 3 Raiders 38
Saturday Virginia Tech 4.5 Pittsburgh NL
Saturday Purdue 2.5 Iowa NL
Saturday Texas 3.5 Oklahoma St. NL
Saturday Notre Dame 8.5 Navy NL
Saturday Miami 12.5 Tennessee NL
Saturday Idaho 1.5 Arkansas St. NL

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Our college football continues by hanging out in Block O at Ohio State.

Over the next century, Page 2 hopes to have, well, 100 more birthdays. Jim Caple celebrates the future now.

On Page 2's third birthday, Page 2's Nick Bakay compares our beloved section with the venerable New York Times.

Page 2's Jeff Merron compares Radio's real life to Radio's reel life.

ESPN Radio's Mike Greenberg says what's best for the Lakers and the NBA is for Kobe to go away for awhile.

Charles Woodson's not holding back in his criticism of Bill Callahan. "The List" says that's a service to the fans.
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It's New Yankee hitting coach Don Mattingly, left, and actor Kurt Russell in the flick "Tombstone." This match was requested by Jon Claeys in NYC and Paul Treasure in Pittsford, NY. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

Rome is Burning
7 p.m., ESPN
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Harlem Globetrotters Basketball
8 p.m., ESPN2
Harlem hoopsters take on Syracuse.
Playmakers: The Season Finale
9 p.m. ET, ESPN
Every season has one defining moment.
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