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Page 2 loves the creativity in this insulting sign, but we lament the lost art of taunting in general. How lame was that Carolina fan's "best" effort at smack-talking the Bucs a couple of weekends back? "We'll kick your butt," he told them. Pathetic. So Patrick Hruby and Eric Neel present Page 2's Tips to Better Taunting.

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Police spent all of Tuesday searching Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch for clues to . . . to what? We don't know yet. But thanks to Page 2's crack investigative team, we can take our usual guesses at what they found. Here's our 10 best hunches about what the authorities confiscated.

Ugly Uniform Bracket Rivalry Bracket
Pick your poison: This cheddar-orange Suns' look, or that dirty-water blue being sported by the Hornets? In a word . . . Ugggh. Page 2's Ugliest Uniform Bracket moves into the third round today. Vote now!
Which rivalry is better? Army-Navy and Alabama-Auburn were runaway winners in the quarterfinals. Now they match up in the semis. Our Rivalry Bracket has four survivors as we approach the weekend.

The Daily Quickie says Andy Pettitte might have met with the Astros, but his chances of signing with Houston are slim and slimmer. Plus, a $7 million bid for a Britney bare-all, and Keyshawn's mild manners.

This year's American League Most Valuable Player Award race was one of the more controversial in recent memory. Should the award have gone to Alex Rodriguez when he played on a losing team? Here are Page 2's 10 most controversial MVP races in all sports since 1990.

10]  Karl Malone over Michael Jordan, 1997
Maybe voters were simply tired of Jordan, who'd already won four. But MJ's numbers were at least as impressive as the Mailman's. Plus, the Bulls beat the Jazz in the NBA Finals.
9]  Kurt Warner over Marshall Faulk, 2001
Warner won in 1999; Faulk in 2000. But which of these teammates played the biggest role in the Rams' 14-2 record in 2001? A very tough call.
8]  Sammy Sosa over Mark McGwire, 1998
How do you not vote for the slugger whose 70 home runs smashed the single-season longball record? The Cubs made the playoffs, but were only 6 1/2 games better than St. Louis.

Sunday Chiefs 11½ Raiders 45½
Sunday Ravens 2 Seahawks 37½
Sunday Vikings 10½ Lions 46½
Monday Bucs Giants 38
Saturday Michigan 6 Ohio State NL
Saturday USC 21½ UCLA NL
Saturday Auburn Alabama NL
Saturday Oklahoma 19½ Texas Tech NL
Saturday LSU Ole Miss NL

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NFL's Most Overrated
Who's the most overrated player in pro football? Well, we've got Jon Gruden's vote, now it's time for the Writers' Bloc to have its say.

The Bloc members fingered Key and 10 others in the NFL who aren't living up to the hype.


Page 2's Rob Ryder debuts his inside tales from the making of Hollywood's top sports flicks.

"The List" says the clean guys have more power than the steroid users.

The Sports Guy says no griping for five years if your team wins it all.
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It's excommunicated Buc, Keyshawn Johnson, left, and eligible Toronto Raptor rookie, Chris Bosh. This match was requested by 50 Page 2 readers. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

College Football: TCU at Southern Miss.
7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN
Horned Frogs still unbeaten.
NHL: Red Wings at Blue Jackets
7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Wings scored 26 goals in last seven.
NHL: Rangers at Avalanche
10 p.m. ET, ESPN2
New York needs Mike Keenan!
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Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2003