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Page 2's Rob Ryder has a basketball script. Player agent Eric Goodwin has a star client in search of a film project. Is this match made in heaven? Hollywood Jock meets LeBron James' agent, and the pitch looks good . . . as long as Rob's checkered movie associations with "Eddie" and "Blue Chips" don't get in the way.

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According to their coach, Bill Callahan, the Raiders officially are "the dumbest team in America." That's a pretty high standard -- one that shouldn't be taken lightly by Raider wannabes. So Graham Hays presents Page 2's 'Raiders IQ Test.' Pass it; and you, too, might be dumb enough to be a Raider.

The Sports Guy Hard Times
Page 2's Bill Simmons wants to know why he always sits right behind this guy at an NFL game. Some days are just like that. But, oh, when things go right, nothin' beats a day at the ol' stadium.
What's the best way for a coach to respond to trying times? Page 2's Tim Keown says neither Bill Callahan nor Mike Tice have figured it out yet. One losing coach has, though. Can you spell J-E-T-S?

The Daily Quickie is all a-twitter over Dennis Rodman's two-parter on 'The Season', especially now that L.T. has revealed how pro sports really work. Plus, 'Bron vs. 'Melo (Part Deux), and celebrity poker.

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White might not win the Heisman, but his stats (40 TD passes vs. six picks, 3,446 yards, etc.) this year are mighty impressive. Are they strong enough to make our list of the best college football single seasons of all time?.

10]  Nile Kinnick, Iowa (1939)
He was Iowa's iron man, accounting for 16 (five by run, 11 by pass) of Iowa's total of 19 TDs. Kinnick also punted, place-kicked, returned kicks and played all 60 minutes.
9]  Hugh Green, Pitt (1980)
One of those rare players who controlled games from the defensive line, Green finished second in the Heisman voting. With Green at end, nobody ran against Pitt's defense.
8]  Herschel Walker, Georgia (1981)
Walker's sophomore season (172 rushing yards per game, with 20 TDs) was actually better than his Heisman-winning junior year. His best game: 265 yards vs. Ole Miss.

Sunday Patriots 3 Dolphins 36½
Sunday Ravens 3 Bengals 39
Sunday Vikings Seahawks 51½
Sunday Broncos Chiefs 46
Saturday Navy 21 Army NL
Saturday Oklahoma 13½ Kansas St. NL
Saturday LSU Georgia NL
Saturday Miami (OH) 7 Bowling Gr NL

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Holy Cross fired its football coach last week after a 1-11 season. Big deal, you say. With that record, the guy deserved it. Well, the guy is suffering from a rare disability. Does that change your opinion?

The members of the Writers' Bloc aren't showing much sympathy as they debate Holy Cross' decision and try to decide if all college athletics are now big-time athletics.


Page 2's Jim Caple has the inside scoop on what transpired at Curt Schilling's house over Thanksgiving.

Tiger Woods is engaged and Page 2's Brian Murphy proposes the perfect wedding plan.
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It's Wade Redden of the Ottawa Senators, left, and Eric McCormack of "Will & Grace." This match was suggested by Stephanie in Ontario. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

ACC-Big 10: Georgia Tech at Ohio St
7 p.m. ET, ESPN
Yellowjackets try to avoid a sting.
ACC-Big 10: Clemson at Purdue
7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2
At least it's not in Alaska.
ACC-Big 10: Duke at Michigan State
9 p.m. ET, ESPN
Should be some great guard play.
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Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2003