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The mourning period is over for Page 2's Bill Simmons. Grady's Boner? Yesterday's news. So what if spring training is still more than two months off. Now that Schilling is in the fold, A-Rod might be on the way and Theo is calling the shots, the Sports Guy is pumped about the Red Sox right now. And the Evil Empire is on the run.

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Something got into the Chicago Bulls this week. They spanked the Bucks on Monday and harassed the Sixers to the bitter end on Thursday. Page 2's Eric Neel goes deep inside and discovers this strange something called Scott Skiles, also known as His Eminence. Pity those poor players.

The Anna Diaries Illegal Motion
Here at Page 2, our hearts bleed for Anna Kournikova as we peruse the wrenching excerpts from her diary unearthed by super-snoop Graham Hays. Why? Because her romance with Enrique Iglesias is on the rocks.
You call yourself a true college football fan? Then you'll be watching every last second of every last bowl game, including Illegal Motion's 'other' bowls. You know, the ones that didn't make the BCS cut.

Anna? Jennie? Britney? Sure, they're Page 2 all-timers. As far as the Daily Quickie is concerned, they're joined now by the pulchritudinous Jessica Alba. Plus, the A-Rod Diet and Laker-mania.

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White might not win the Heisman, but his stats (40 TD passes vs. six picks, 3,446 yards, etc.) this year are mighty impressive. Are they strong enough to make our list of the best college football single seasons of all time?.

10]  Nile Kinnick, Iowa (1939)
He was Iowa's iron man, accounting for 16 (five by run, 11 by pass) of Iowa's total of 19 TDs. Kinnick also punted, place-kicked, returned kicks and played all 60 minutes.
9]  Hugh Green, Pitt (1980)
One of those rare players who controlled games from the defensive line, Green finished second in the Heisman voting. With Green at end, nobody ran against Pitt's defense.
8]  Herschel Walker, Georgia (1981)
Walker's sophomore season (172 rushing yards per game, with 20 TDs) was actually better than his Heisman-winning junior year. His best game: 265 yards vs. Ole Miss.

Sunday Patriots 3 Dolphins 36½
Sunday Ravens 3 Bengals 39
Sunday Vikings Seahawks 51½
Sunday Broncos Chiefs 46
Saturday Navy 21 Army NL
Saturday Oklahoma 13½ Kansas St. NL
Saturday LSU Georgia NL
Saturday Miami (OH) 7 Bowling Gr NL

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Step aside, Carrie Bradshaw. Are men even more obsessed with shoes than women?

Gerri Hirshey of The Writers' Bloc made that argument Thursday, and the men of the WB tried to defend themselves Friday -- but they've got plenty hiding in their closets.

Picture this: Model/actresses in lingerie playing tackle football. Now, go read the story.

According to Page 2's Alysse Minkoff, the most important rankings in college hoops is her Coach Crush List.
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It's Devils defenseman Ken Daneyko, left, and Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers. This match was requested by Dominic Ricciardi of Bergenfield, NJ. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

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