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The BCS system is broken and battered and bleeding like it got knocked down by a falling goalpost, but the Daily Quickie is here to fix it. The prescription? A playoff system that includes all 117 Division I teams, bowl games, and a national title game. Another solution? The Bowl Replacement Series, Presented by Page 2.

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Hollywood Jock -- aka Rob Ryder -- reports in from Tinseltown as he meets and greets Jesus Shuttlesworth (aka Ray Allen) and the Goodwin brothers (aka LeBron's agents). Can Rob get his movie script read by anyone besides Jesus?

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You want to give us a gift this holiday season? We have some suggestions, from DVDs to video games to books to -- please, oh please -- an iPod and Bartman Ball.
Obnoxious announcers. Dancing cows. Flying T-Shirts. What the ... ? In this week's list Tim Keown gets entertained into submission courtesy of the NBA.

L.T. sending ladies of the evening to opposing players? Colin Farrell macking with Angelina Jolie? Carmen Electra allowing her wedding to be filmed? More craziness that must be answered.

Let's face it -- with all the comings and goings in 2003, the sports world gave us more than our usual dose of drama. But which ones cracked our list for best moves of the year? There's only one way to find out.

10]  Andy Roddick hires Brad Gilbert
After losing in the first round of the French Open, Roddick fired his longtime coach and hired Gilbert. Roddick went on to win 19 straight matches, including his first major, the U.S. Open.
9]  MLS signs Freddy Adu
DC United inked the 14-year-old phenom to a six-year deal in mid-November, winning out in a bidding war that involved world soccer powers Manchester United, Inter Milan, and Barcelona, among others.
8]  Jerry Jones hires Bill Parcells
After three straight 5-11 seasons, Jones finally hired a coach who knows more about football than he does. Parcells has the Cowboys at 8-5 and in the thick of the playoff chase.

Sunday Patriots 7 Jaguars 36½
Sunday Jets 3 Steelers 40
Sunday Titans 1 Bills 40
Monday Dolphins 2 Eagles 36½
Rose USC 7 Michigan NL
Orange Florida State 2 Miami NL
Sugar Oklahoma LSU NL

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The Mantle family auctioned off the Mick's 1957 AL MVP Award for $275,000. The Steve Bartman ball is now available. It got the Writers' Bloc to wondering which memorabilia pieces they would want -- and how much they'd be willing to pay.

The Good Doctor reminds us that the Honolulu Marathon isn't for the insane, but the crazy are more than welcome.

It's too easy to mock the BCS, says Page 2's Brian Murphy. But here's a scary thought -- what if the BCS ruled our lives?
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Wizards guard Larry Hughes, left, and rapper Fabolous. This match was requested by 6 Page 2 readers. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

College Basketball: SEC Hoops
7 p.m. ET, ESPN
Maryland at Florida
NHL: Red Wings at Sabres
8 p.m. ET, ESPN2
Hull chases No. 733.
College Basketball: Big East Hoops
9 p.m. ET, ESPN
Indiana at Notre Dame
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Tuesday, December 9, 2003