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You mean Britney's new ex-husband isn't that Jason Alexander? Oh well, we didn't have time to check every little detail. But we're sure Page 2's Graham Hays got the rest of the story right in our Wedding Timeline, from post-vow afterglow to annulment heartbreak. Plus, you won't believe what we overheard at the chapel.

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The Daily Quickie celebrates its first birthday today and opens the gifts of goofiness given by Quickie-fodder providers such as Pete Rose, Marge Schott and Britney Spears. With headline-grabbers like these (not to mention Isiah Thomas and Tom Coughlin), why not party on?

2004 Hot 'n Not Best Sports Cities
Having trouble getting a grip on the next year in sports? Check out Dan Shanoff's complete Hot 'n Not Guide to 2004. Like, who'll be sizzlin' (Ashley Judd) and who'll be fizzlin' (Ben Affleck) in the world of superfans?
What do Reggie Miller and Peyton Manning have in common? They both play in one damn good sports town. Page 2 presents our City Rankings, in which we determine which pro sports burgs had the best years.

What a way to start the New Year: the return of Brian Murphy's Weekend Water Cooler! Inspired by Ray Lewis's pre-game dance number, Murph gavottes through the the last few days of non-stop football.

The Vikings were 6-0. The Vikings were without weaknesses. The Vikings were on their way. Of course, that was before the Vikings lost four games to teams that finished with 4-12 records. That was before their monumental collapse. But was Minnesota's implosion devastationg enough to make our list of the greatest swoons in sports history?

10]  2000: Portland Trail Blazers
For six-and-a-half minutes in the fourth quarter of the seventh game of the Western Conference finals, Portland's basket simply disappeared. The Blazers missed 13 straight shots, losing a 15-point lead and the game to the Lakers.
9]  1996: Greg Norman at the Masters
The Shark had a six-stroke lead to start the final round. An even-par 72 would win the Green Jacket. But from holes nine through 12, he was five-over par; his 6-over 78 didn't cut it. Nick Faldo won.
8]  1993: Jana Novotna at Wimbledon
From out of nowhere (well, the 8th seed, at least), Novotna rolled into the finals against Steffi Graf. In the third and deciding set, she was up 4-1 and a point away from making it 5-1. Then came a double-fault and . . .

Saturday Rams Panthers 45
Saturday Patriots 6 Titans 37
Sunday Cheifs 3 Colts 50
Sunday Eagles Packers 42

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Sure, they live, eat, breathe and sleep the Xs and Os that make our weekends happy. But is that any reason to believe an NFL coach can find a cure for the common cold or write the great American novel? Listen to the hype: Belichick is a genius; Martz is a mastermind; Parcells is a miracle-worker.

The members of the Writers' Bloc are weary of hearing more about the headset-wearers than about the men who actually run, block, catch and tackle.

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    Forget home-field advantage in the playoffs -- look at Higher-Power advantage.
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    It's LSU Tigers head coach Nick Saban, left, and NFL Films President Steve Sabol. This match was requested by 13 Page 2 readers. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo.

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