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There he was, just trying to get back to the set to see Woody and Wesley. Then suddenly, Hollywood Jock was a fugitive from justice with a story to tell about police harassment. Trouble is, Rob Ryder's story didn't hold up under interrogation from the players with real gripes. Oh well, at least interest is heating up in Rob's movie script.

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Page 2's Hunter S. Thompson can see a sucker coming from a continent away, and he's seeing more and more of them coming out of the New England woodwork as Patriot-mania grips the Northeast. That means this weekend's AFC Championship Game ought to be easy pickin's for the smart gambler.

Rocket's Revival The Daily Quickie
Leave it to Page 2's Jim Caple to find Roger Clemens' secret retirement diary, in which the Rocket chronicles his oh-so-hectic days as an out-of-work family man back home in Texas. No wonder he un-retired.
The Daily Quickie remembers John McEnroe's rages on the court, so Tuesday's steroid revelation doesn't have him rocking back on his heels. Plus, talk-show bingo and an odd choice in Buffalo.

When Mike O'Malley, the star of the CBS sitcom "Yes, Dear," joined Page 2's Alysse Minkoff to watch his beloved Patriots in the frigid air of Foxboro, it was time to 'Eskimo Up!'

Man, oh man. Have we seen some terrific playoff football over the last couple of weekends, or what! If it isn't overtime, it's last-second scores. If it isn't road upsets, it's brilliant individual performances. But do these recent games measure up to the ones on our list of the greatest NFL playoff games (not counting the Super Bowl) in history??

10]  Immaculate Reception: Steelers 13, Raiders 7 (1972)
Here's the dirty little secret of the Immaculate Reception game -- it was more memorable than great. In fact, it makes this list only because of the spectacular, and still sometimes disputed, ending.
9]  Sea of Hands: Raiders 28, Dolphins 26 (1974)
With no timeouts remaining, Ken Stabler rolled left and threw to RB Clarence Davis, who made a great catch among a "sea of hands" belonging to three Dolphins defenders, for the winning TD with 24 seconds remaining.
8]  The Botched Call: 49ers 39, Giants 38 (2003)
The 49ers overcame a 38-14 deficit in the final 19 minutes. New York botched the snap on a 41-yard FG attempt as time expired, but the NFL later admitted pass interference should have been called on the 49ers, giving the Giants another opportunity.

Sunday Patriots Colts 43
Sunday Eagles 5 Panthers 38½

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New Yorkers are calling Roger Clemens an "Asstro" and a "Traitor." One member of the Writers' Bloc says the Yankees are finally getting what they've done for years to other teams. And one writer suggests a mystery has finally been solved.

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    It's tough to be a Mainland Sports fan when you're hanging out in Maui, says Page 2's Brian Murphy.

    Page 2's Ralph Wiley sees hope for the Redskins and foresees this week's playoff matchups.
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    Men's Hoops: Cincinnati at Marquette
    7 p.m. ET, ESPN
    Bearcats' first time on national TV.
    The Simple Life
    8:30 p.m. ET, FOX
    Paris & Nicole season finale.
    Men's Hoops: North Carolina at Maryland
    9 p.m. ET, ESPN
    ACC still a b-ball conference.
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