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Two years ago, Page 2's Bill Simmons watched Troy Brown whip the Rams' Isaac Bruce in Sony's' 'Game Before the Game,' and he knew his beloved Pats would win Super Bowl XXXVI. (It never fails, you know.) But what would happen this year when Brown matched up against Carolina's Steve Smith? The suspense was nail-biting.

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He's had more than 15 years to plot his revenge. And suddenly, here was Jason Whitlock's opportunity. The man who drove him out of football during his college career is now an assistant coach for the Carolina Panthers. When they met at Super Bowl XXXVIII this week, what would Jason do?

Super Bowl Lemons Cold as Ice
Enough with the hype! Page 2's Eric Neel says it's time to take this Super Bowl down a notch or two. Plus, in his 'Ode to the Linemen,' Sportoon waxes poetic about the real heroes in this matchup.
He's a movie star, headlining "Barbershop 2." He's still making good music. And Page 3 says he does it with a style best described as . . . well, cool. And why not? After all, his name is Ice Cube.

The Daily Quickie wonders why the NFL house band -- Steven Tyler's Aerosmith, natch -- isn't in the halftime show. (Not to worry: That mouth will be all over the pregame.) Plus, Mr. Quickie's prediction, and a retro hoops spin.

Should we expect the unexpected out of Sunday's Super Bowl? Should we look for the unheralded player to make the game's most critical plays? Hey, it happens. Not always, but it happens. In fact, it's happened often enough through the first 37 Super Bowls that we can rank the greatest Super Bowl subs in history

10]  Jack Squirek, Raiders, Super Bowl XVIII
Squirek's interception of a Joe Theismann pass from the end zone flat demoralized the Redskins. Why? With 12 seconds to go in the half, he returned it five yards for a TD and a 21-3 Raiders' lead.
9]  Dan Bunz, 49ers, Super Bowl XVI
The Bengals looked certain to score and pull to within a touchdown of San Francisco. But on third-and-goal from the 1, Bunz made a terrific tackle on Charles Alexander just inches short, and then assisted on a fourth-down stop of fullback Pete Johnson.
8]  J.R. Redmond, Patriots, Super Bowl XXXVI
He carried the ball only 35 times for 119 yards, and caught only 13 passes during the entire 2001 season. But as the Pats put together their game-winning drive against the Rams, Redmond caught three passes to help set up Adam Viniateri.

Feb. 1 Patriots Panthers 38

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No, it's not the game. It's the entertainment -- from the anthem to the in-game food selections to the halftime. Gerri Hirshey got to thinking about Steven Tyler, Beyonce's breasts and ... well, you'll have to read the rest.

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    Hollywood Jock faces his toughest task: finding a distributor for "94 Feet of Hell."
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    This match is an homage to New Jersey's fresh spin on youth movements. It's new Nets coach Lawrence Frank, left, and Neil Patrick Harris, a.k.a. Doogie. This match was requested by Jason in Newark. Browse our archives of past pairs or click here to submit a future duo for Page 2.

    NBA: Hornets at 76ers
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    Start your weekend with hoops.
    NBA: Cavaliers at Bucks
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    LeBron invades land of le brats.
    Australian Open: Women's final
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    Our guess is a Belgian wins.
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